Where better to sit in the plane?

Regardless of the airline, flight, especially for long distances is always tedious. However, correctly choosing a place in the plane, we can make a flight more comfortable.

Of course, the most convenient places are in the business class, but this pleasure is not for everyone to pocket (although there is a couple of ways to get into the business class, not overpaying for a ticket). Therefore, we will choose the best places in the economy class.

Before deciding with the place, read the layout layout scheme. The booklet with a description of the aircraft can be asked to the aircraft or use the WWW site.SeatGuru.Com.

According to statistics, the most popular places at the porthole, and if you want to receive such a place, you come to register in advance and ask the employee who registers you on the flight, a place near the porthole.

Some of the most convenient aircraft are among the emergency exit, T.To. there is the biggest distance between the seats, but learn that these places can be without a window and because of the emergency door there can be a little through.

According to the safety rules on this passenger, in the case of emergency, additional responsibilities will be imposed. It should help flight attendants to open an emergency door door. Therefore, fragile girls and passengers with children do not sit there. If the flight is abroad or a foreign airline, then in addition to physical data, the applicant for this place should own English. Of course, these rules are performed not everywhere and not in full, but it is necessary to keep it.

The increased distance for the feet is also at the first row of the seats of the economic class, but there are several flaws in these places:

Where better to sit in the plane
  • First, in large aircraft before first there is a TV, and, although it goes without sound (for listening, you need to use headphones), sit opposite the TV throughout the flight may be tedious, especially with prolonged flights.
  • Secondly, most airlines highlight the first few rows for passengers with young children who may interfere with you.

If you want silence, you should not take places near onboard cuisine and toilets, t.To. In this case, you will interfere with flight attendants with trolleys and other passengers.

From the point of view of security, again, if you turn to statistics, the safest places are in the tail of the aircraft. But do not take the place in the last row, t.To. the backs of these chairs do not lean. The same problem with the backs belongs to the places in front of the side cuisine, in some aircraft also to places before emergency exit.

Recently, many airlines make a bet on the flight comfort and equip their planes with new chairs and increase the space between the rows.

Where better to sit in the plane

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