5 Resort Selection Rules in Thailand

Choosing a place where it is better to rest in Thailand, it is important to take into account the many nuances. But the main ones are five: time on the road, season and weather, development of infrastructure, the composition of your group of travelers and wishes for the rest of the rest. I’ll tell you about each separately.

Time spent on the road

Few who want to go after the tedious flight to go for a few hours by bus or fly on the plane. Consider several popular resorts of Thailand:

  • Pattaya,
  • Phuket,
  • Samui,
  • Hua Hin,
  • Phangan,
  • Chang.
Where better to go to rest in Thailand - season, resorts, reviews, photos of Phuket guide

Of the many cities of Russia, regular flights and charters fly to Bangkok, Utopao (Pattaya) and Phuket Island. You can get to Hua Hina from Bangkok by taxi, minibus or bus in 2-3 hours. If you choose to relax the island of Samui, in one hour you take there from the capital of Thailand, Pattaya or Phuket. Near Samui is the island of Phangan, where to get a very easy year for 20-30 minutes on a high-speed boat. The biscardous option will be a bus tour: Bangkok Phuket 12-14 hours, Bangkok Samui 11 hours (including ferry), Bangkok-Phangan 10 hours with ferry.

Time spent on the road must be considered if you travel with children. Plan your vacation so as not to spend a day on moving. If you choose one resort, see how easier to get there. Putting a goal to visit several places, plan a stop in the first paragraph. In my own experience I know, to spend 15-20 hours on the way – it is very difficult. For example, Chang Island is a wonderful place, however, you can get to it either by plane + taxi + ferry, or by bus + steam, or by taxi + steam. The aircraft flies only three times a day and is quite expensive to get the flight. A bus or minibus can be found both at the airport and at the Ekamai Bus Terminal), but travel time is 5-6 hours. Not everyone wants to spend time on the way after a 9-hour flight. In this case, it will be reasonable to stop for 1-2 days in Bangkok. Map of Thailand with places of attractions will help to compose vacation.

Seasons and weather in Thailand

Many wonder: when it is better to fly to Thailand? Here you can relax all year round. The kingdom is located in the zones of tropical and subtropical climate. High temperatures and relative stability cause the formation of monsoons in this part of the Asian continent. Because of the stretching of Thailand from the north to south, seasonal winds blow in different areas unevenly. At the same time, they often change their direction depending on the time of year and do not always bring rain.

It rains, as a rule, brings the southwest monsoon blowing from the Indian Ocean from May to October. And if there is plenty on the west coast of the south of the country, then in the mountains, their number decreases, and as the indochyan peninsula is deleted, they stop at all. From November to February, northeast monsoon prevails. It brings dry continental air. Only in the very south of the Eastern coast of the Malack Peninsula Musson, having passed through the Siamese bay and satisfied with the moisture there, flows down with rains. Weather in Thailand Miscellaneous, depends on geography and month.

If briefly: season in Thailand Changing. In the period from November to April, it is better to rest at the resorts of the Andaman Sea: Phuket, Phui Phi, Phang Nga, Krabi, Ranong, Trang, Lanta, Satun and on Chang Island with nearby Isles Mac and Kud. In the period from mid-February to October for a beach holiday, it is wiser to choose Samui, Tao, Phangan, Chumphon, Khan, Cha Am, Hua Hin. And, of course, Bangkok and Pattaya are waiting for you all year round. Read more Arta "Weather in Phuket for months" >>>

Development of infrastructure

When choosing a resort for recreation, you need to consider infrastructure in this place. If you need large shopping centers and active nightlife, you should give preference to Pattaya and Phuket. A little less noisy and vyulyo will be on the island of Samui and in Hua Hin, there are not so many evening entertainment and large hypermarkets. Clean sea and beautiful beach you can find at many resorts of Thailand, but you need to remember that such wishes to rest, like "Little’s Beach, the presence of shopping centers and many local restaurants" – Just fantastic. An important factor, especially if you relax with children – the availability of good hospitals. They are enough in popular resorts, it remains only to arrange insurance in Thailand.

Composition of a group of travelers

Rest for an active young couple and families with small children differ radically. Traditionally, family resorts are Phuket, Samui, Phangan and Pattaya. They will also be suitable for active travelers as a base. People at the age should pay attention to Hua-Hin, Cha Am, Lanta Islands and Chang. However, Phuket and Samui will also like them, and especially Kao varnish. The islands of Phi Phi Don (Beach Loda) and Phangan (Beach Hut Rin) are suitable for active parties, where Full Moon Party is held right on the beach. From the cities not at sea youth will like Pai – Yoga, natural attractions, cute souvenirs in the night market.

Wishes for recreation style

Under the word "recreation" Each of us understands something your. If I imagine my vacation, it will never pass only on the beach. Choosing a resort in Thailand, ask yourself a question: what would you like to see, besides the sea? You may want to get acquainted with the local history, wander through the beautiful temples, learn more about culture and traditions. Then you should pay attention to Pattaya and Hua Hin, from where you can visit the capital of Thailand with a tour of one day. If you stay in Bangkok, then you have the opportunity to go to the ancient capital Ayutthaiy. Fans of trekking and beauty jungle should go to Krabi, Phang Nga, Khan, where Kao Juice National Park. Also Province of Krabi is a mecca for climbing. If you are interested in hiking on the jungle, mountain populations, rafting, beautiful temples, I recommend recovering the Northern Capital – Chiang Mai City. All your wishes for rest must be taken into account by choosing a resort in Thailand.

Holidays in Thailand is beautiful in any month. Watch the last minute tours online, and who knows, maybe tomorrow you will find yourself on Phuket. Pleasant travel in Thailand!

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