Where better to buy tickets?

On the nose vacation, and you still have not bought? Well, today we will tell you where you can buy tickets for the plane.

Buying tickets in the airline, travel agency or in aircraft

Like 20 years ago, you can purchase tickets to the airline or in the airline sales office.

It should be borne in mind that airlines will sell you a ticket only to your flights or flights of partners.

You can buy a flight ticket with air tickets to almost anywhere in the world, how do you do not work with low cost airlines.

When buying a ticket to the aircraft or travel agency, do not forget about the collection for services. As a rule, its size depends on the selected class of service or flight distance and ranges from 500 to 2500 rubles.

Another minus is that you will not be all possible flight options. Will you find an optimal flight or not and how much time it will take, depends on the experience of the cashier.

Lifting a trip just one day or increasing the duration of transplant for an hour or two, you can significantly save on the flight, but not every cashier will offer you a choice.

It is much easier when all possible flights and prices are in front of your eyes. In this case, you decide whether you will wait for a transplant 7 hours or close your eyes to the difference of 10,000 rubles and fly comfortably. This option is possible only when online booking tickets.

Buying tickets via the Internet

The last few years, the rapid pace is developing online sale of air tickets. At the moment there are three types of players that we will tell now in detail in detail.

1. Airlines

Many of them have already acquired sites on which you can book a ticket. This way of buying tickets is a convenient and reliable, however, there are its cons:

  • Few payment options. Most airlines accept only bank cards for payment.
  • The purchase process is sometimes incomprehensible and tangled.
  • Sites not all airlines are translated into our.

Because of the language barrier, you may accidentally pay for unnecessary services to you. For example, luggage is higher than the standard norm, the right of priority landing in the plane, choice of place, insurance and t.NS. Difficulties may occur when returning or exchanging tickets.

If you have problems with English, it is better to use the websites of those companies that have a our version or representation in Russia. This will greatly facilitate your task in the case of force majeure.

It is worth noting the advantages of booking on the websites of airlines, the main of them is, of course, promotional tariffs that are valid only when purchased on the carrier website. As a rule, they do not act regularly, but within the framework of the promotion or sale of the airline.

Quite often stumble upon such tariffs on airBaltic and Estonian Air airlines.

Where better to buy tickets

2. Booking tickets

In principle, these are the same aircraft, only their online version and not with such large service charges, and sometimes without them.

You choose from those options from those options that the system has provided to most of the directions of their more than a hundred.

The main advantage of online aircraft – access to airlines web facilities. These are special rates for which you can buy a ticket only online.

Due to the fact that some airlines provide large agencies confidential tariffs, prices on airline ticket booking sites may be lower than on the official website of the carrier.

Online airline ticket agencies include our Kupibilet website.Ru

3. Metapoiskoviki or air ticket aggregators

These are sites that are just looking for tickets. As soon as you find the best option and press the button &# 8220; Buy&# 8221;, Metapoiskovik will redirect you to the site of the agency or airline to complete the purchase.

The most popular metapoiskovikov in Russia are Aviasales.RU, Momondo.RU, Kayak.RU, FlyTourist.RU, BURUKI.RU and SKYSKANNER.Ru

List of agencies for which they are looking for flights from each. Therefore, prices and flight options are different everywhere.

System Settings and Service Policy, also affect prices and selection of flights. For example, Aviasales shows immediately the final price of the ticket. And by going to the site of the agency with Skyskanner, you may be unpleasantly surprised by additional surcharges.

Metapoiskovikovka try to reduce the selection time of the options, so the search is given, as a rule, not more than 30 seconds. If the agency or airline during this time did not have time to provide information on its flights and prices, it misses the search results. Most often, it happens in peak hours, and if you want to get the most wide selection of options &# 8211; Looking for air tickets up to 12 days.

So, where better to buy tickets?

The answer to this question depends only on you. If your main task &# 8211; Find the cheapest option, look for flights to methopiskovikovikovikoviki and go to first agency that will offer the smallest price.

But if you are important than the quality of service, bonuses, for which then you can buy tickets, it is better to find "your" agency. Unfortunately it is possible only by samples and errors.

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