Where better to buy excursions in Alanya?

For 20 years, Alanya has been the leader among Turkey’s resorts on receiving tourists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. This contributes to a well-developed hotel base, low prices, good level of service, favorable climate and, naturally, saturated excursion program.

In this article we collected the most interesting excursions in Alanya and advice, where it is better to buy and, when to visit. It will be interesting to tourists who have already decided on the choice of the hotel, and how to spend the resting time with the greatest benefit yet do not yet know.

Where better to buy excursions in Alanya

For example, we took the site of a large company Daisy Tour, which provides services for organizing an excursion in Alanya and in other resorts. Turning on the HTTPS link: // Daisy Tour.COM / Alanya-Tours /, you will find a full description of all excursions and entertainment in the resort.

Purchase excursions, tickets for shows and concerts or all sorts of entertainment can be three ways:

  1. If you arrived on a tourist ticket, a representative of the company is met at the airport, which organizes a transfer and deals with the settlement of tourists to hotels. Representatives of this company or hotel guides are obliged to familiarize guests with a hotel, provide superficial information about the resort, rules and to ease tour tourist. In fact, they try more «ease» Wallets of gullible guests, offering to visit shop tours to expensive shopping centers, from where you get rollbacks up to 50% and, selling excursions 2 times more expensive than in places with which we will introduce you to below.
    In the age of information technologies, internet and social.networks we would not recommend this way to acquire excursions in Alanya. Believe me, not as a sorry spent extra $ 20 – $ 30 (although, sometimes it happens much more), as a feeling of feeling that you deceived. Especially, if later in the one bus or on one ship with other tourists or, in general, with your friends who bought this tour 2 times cheaper.
  2. If you find and read this article, it means quite confidently feel on the Internet, familiar with travel forums and have at least a small idea of ​​where you go on vacation. Order Excursions in Alanya on the Internet — This is currently the best way. First, Internet resources offer very low prices, often by $ 1 – 2 $ higher than the current cost of the tour. Secondly, the owners of such sites are very much taken care of their reputation, afraid to get bad feedback, and very carefully select the organizers of a particular excursion.
    To the selection of the site where you plan to make an order must be considered responsible. Believe the Internet reviews about this organization, read the programs of excursions, pay attention not only at prices, but also spelling.
    We really liked that the order on this site does not require any prepayment (the excursion can be paid when landing on a bus) and the fact that there is a system of discounts that grow depending on the number of participants.
  3. Where better to buy excursions in Alania Articles on tourism from the tourism
  4. Third way — Purchase excursions in Alanya in T. N. «Street» Agencies. Every year they are becoming less and less, since it is necessary to rent a premises, staff and withstand competition with Internet resources in this case becomes more difficult.
    However, this option is suitable for those who love to bargain, live to communicate with sellers and make pedestrian walks in the search for the budget option. During the order, try to agree that you will pay a tour on the day of the tour and double-check the program of the tour and what is included in the price.

The most interesting excursions in Alanya

We turn to the culmination part of our article, where we will collect excursions in Alanya, who should be visited primarily and distribute them for interests and age.

  1. Sightseeing excursions in Alanya
    If you rested in other resorts of Turkey, you probably visited such excursions. They love to offer hotel guides, but in their case the trip comes down to the banal shopping. In Alanya, the situation is completely different and if the excursion is not free, it will be very saturated, and will give an opportunity to get acquainted with all the sights of the resort. In Alanya is what to see and listen to. This and the huge fortress in the center of the city, to which the funicular leads, and the famous Damlatash cave, and, of course, a magnificent sandy beach Cleopatra. In addition, you will visit several panoramic sites, from where you have stunning types of resort, and the stories of a good guide will make you love this city for life.
  2. Jeep Safari
    We added this tour to the list of the most popular and interesting, as it is very saturated and suitable for any age. Here and «Water wars», who will enjoy children, and visiting the Turkish village, where you can get acquainted with the life, traditions and kitchens of local residents, and a small extreme on travel on mountain serpents with their breathtaking views and panoramas.
  3. Entertainment
    To start resting in Alanya is best with a visit to the Turkish bath, but not to the fact that during hotels, but it is better to visit the real hammam with a dome-shaped roof, marble rooms and heated by firewood.
    The resort has several water parks that will delight your children. Land of Legend entertainment park stands out among them’S who should pay his holiday. Here you will find the dolphinarium and the roller coaster, there are many bars and restaurants, and a whole street with shops of famous brands is assigned to the shopping lovers.
    You can spend the evening on one of the pirate ships, where the dinner is served at sunset, and late in the evening organize foam discos with famous Turkish DJ.
    In the afternoon, these ships will be interested in children. There are different shows, search for treasure and contests with prizes for small corsars.
  4. National Parks and Antique Cities
    Turkey is very rich in historical heritage and natural attractions. Excursions from Alanya are held in such national parks as a snow-white Pamukkale with ancient city Hierapol, mysterious Cappadocia, where you can fly on balloons, Canyon Sapadere and Antique Aspandos, famous for its well-preserved theater. On such excursions, you can get acquainted with the history of not only Turkey, but also an ancient world, learn interesting facts from the life of famous people, plunge into myths and legends, closer to know the history of Christianity and make a pilgrimage to religious shrines.


In connection with the situation in the world with a pandemic, as well as for hotels, restrictions were introduced in travel agencies. Now it is impossible to fill ships and buses more than 50%, and guests and service staff must wear masks. Everywhere there are disinfectants and the distance is observed.

We hope our article will be useful and will help you in choosing an excursion in Alanya and their organizer.

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