Where are you going to relax? In Turkmenistan!

Beauty and mysteriousness of nature attracted a person since ancient times. And it is not surprising that at recent times, tourism becomes more and more popular, combining comfortable travels on modern aircraft and ships with elements of a hike with a backpack behind the shoulders. Agree – spend the night by the fire under the cloudless star sky, hung low – it is romantic! Especially if for this you have overcome thousands of kilometers:

In Turkmenistan, after independence, the tourist business is quickly and dynamically developing. State Corporation on Tourism and Sports and Private Travel Firms and Companies offer a wide range of travel and excursions in our country.

Mountain tourism lovers will be ascent to rise to Mount Dushak (local name – erekdag), the height of which at the highest point exceeds 2500 meters above sea level. There are also picturesque deep gorges covered at the bottom of Archie’s thickets (a plant from the family of juniper), and the purest mountain rods with a transparent and perfectly quenching thirst with water, and winding trails, for which sometimes so not easy to walk with a backpack. Ashgabatians have long chosen this vertex for Sunday walks and hiking on holidays. In addition, the foot of the mountain stretches the place of the hekder, in which there is a first-class holiday home with cozy cottages, modern tennis courts and basketball courts, as well as a spacious pool with cool mountain water. Exquisite seafood and European Comfort Tourists will be able to find in a restaurant located nearby.

One of the most popular tourist routes is a trip to the mountain range Cugitang, the highest point of which is the vertex of Ire-Baba. Typically, already trained climbers are sent there, since the rise on this top is quite difficult. As a rule, tourists rise to 2300 meters above sea level on a car, then break the camp and preparing for climbing. The top mark of Ire-Baba exceeds 3000 meters and covered with a snow cap not even melting. More recently, on the eve of the National Holiday on February 19, at a mark of 3150 meters above sea level of our country. His first climbing of the Ire-Baba Capital athletes-climbers dedicated to the birthday of the President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Turkmenbashi.

For fans less extreme tourism, travel agencies will offer the most famous Cugitang caves for the whole world, where there are no less famous lakes with blind deep-water fish. Not far from the caves is the legendary plateau of dinosaurs. In his petrified lava coverage, left their traces of autographs, giant animals, who have lived more than 200 million years ago.

There are eight historical and cultural reserves in Turkmenistan, each of which is organized excursions. These are reserves "Ancient Merv", "Nisa", "Old Serachs", "Kunyurgench", "Atamurat", "Abivend", "Ancient dechistan" and "Geoctepin Fortress". On the territory of these reserves there are genuine masterpieces of ancient architecture, such as Mausoleum Turab-Khanum and Minaret Kutlug-Timur in Kunyurgech, the ruins of the Parthian fortress in Nis and mosque in Anaau, the sanctuary of Astana-Baba in Atamurate (formerly. Kerki), Mausoleum Abu Sida in the reserve "Abivend". This list can continue infinitely, as Turkmen land keeps countless traces of its centuries-old history and annually our archaeologists in cooperation with foreign colleagues are unique evidence of the antiquity of the Turkmen state. Of particular interest is the Turkmen-Italian archaeological expedition working in the Karakum Etrape of the Maryian Velayat, on the territory of the once prosperous state of Margush. Among the most popular objects – Mausoleum Sultan Sanjar, Big and Small Kyz Cala on the territory of the historical and cultural reserve "Ancient Merv", Which annually attend hundreds of tourists from many corners of the globe.

Where are you going to relax in Turkmenistan!

In the vicinity of Ashgabat there is a famous underground lake of Cup Ata near the city of Baharden. The temperature of the water in the lake always remains high enough due to the heating of the deep thermal sources and even in the midst of winter the fans of exotic can swim with the aqualung and just swim in a warm, rich hydrogen sulfide water.

For lovers of travel, the capital of Turkmenistan will hospitably open the doors of comfortable hotels and hotels. Five Star "Sheraton Grand Turkmen", "Ak Altyn", "Nisa", "Turkmenistan" Located in the very center of the city and provide a full range of services related to the highest-class hotels. Rooms are comfortable hotels on the outskirts of Ashgabat in the Berzengi district. All of them have modern pools, saunas and tennis courts. Not far from them is located the National Museum of Turkmenistan, opened in 1998. Here visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with exhibits illustrating the entire centuries-old history of the Turkmen state. Excursions The Museum organizes almost all tourist companies of the capital.

Ashgabat is rightfully carrying a title of one of the green cities in Central Asia. Numerous shady squares and parks, broken over the past decade, as if calling for a bench near the cool fountain and relax. Cafes and restaurants offer dishes of national, Chinese and European cuisine. Modern, equipped with the latest technology, the capital airport named after the President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Turkmenbashi will be pleased with first-class service and eastern welcome reception.

Young Turkmenistan develops a rapid pace of tourist business and gets fame among travel lovers. So people who have not yet decided to spend the summer holidays yet, we strongly recommend choosing Turkmenistan.

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