Where are the worst places in the plane

Airplanes – the fastest, safe and comfortable type of transport. For a few hours you can be in another city or country, but the main minus is that there are many places on board, which will definitely spoil the entire flight and the mood of any passenger. How don’t buy a ticket with such a place and without any problems fly on the aircraft?

  • Place without windows;
  • Places in the last row;
  • Place near the emergency exit;
  • Armchairs in the middle;
  • Places with edge.
Where are the worst places in the plane

Place without window

Sometimes in airplanes you can buy a pre-ticket from the window, and the very porthole may not be at all. In general, there is nothing terrible in such a place, but for passengers, that would like to look at the wall during the flight, but on beautiful views from the window, it is There will be disappointment. The fact is that due to the planning in the aircraft armchairs, in the last turn. Therefore, some places are between two neighboring portholes. Often comes across such a place it is in economy class. To avoid trouble, it is better to see the plan of the aircraft or clarify about the place from the manager at the airport in advance or you can pay extra charge and enjoy the flight.

Places in the last row

The most terrible places on board the airliner are at the very end of the row. Here there is a toilet and galley nearby, so the passengers will constantly walk nearby, and even push, and from the toilet unpleasant odors can be coming. Chairs in the last row a little less and with a limited slope, relax or sleep simply will not succeed. Especially restless will be with the edge near the passage, since stewardess will constantly leave the galley and can accidentally touch the cart. Also in such places can absent porthole, and turbulence is felt much stronger.

Place near emergency exit

Places near the emergency exit – not the most terrible plane, But they can not be completely comfortable. Although even more space for the legs, but the chair or not postponed at all, or is completely a bit move back. So relax your back or sleep, passenger It is simply impossible, as they constantly have to sit with a smooth back. It is especially inconvenient during a long flight, because in such cases the back will be in voltage for a long time and after arrival Pains in the spine and fatigue. In addition to non-revealing back, Near the emergency exit can be colder, they were neatured in the center of the board and keep the manual sting next to him here is prohibited.

Armchairs in the middle

The only inconvenience of this place &# 8211; this is neighbors from two sides. Often passengers try to book or buy a ticket for the window or from the edge, so there are more free places in the middle. Bad is a place that you have to constantly sit in cramped and without armrests. Therefore, it will be impossible to fully enjoy the flight, because neighbors will constantly interfere. Especially can disturb the passenger at the window, which can constantly go out or ask something at the stewardess.

Places with edge

On the plane, the place with the edge is not considered bad, but there are a few minuses. Here is not very pushing the back of the chair, it is done for fast and comfortable evacuation. Also can disturb and make the neighbors, sometimes a cart can be hurried by stewardles or other airliner passengers.

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