Where are the most unusual cycles of the world

Love to ride a bike, but you don’t like city cycles (or you can’t find them)? See how this question solved in the Belgian province of Limburg. The cycleway there moved to the forest and built it at the level of trees tops. Imagine what it is like – to ride a bike at an altitude of 10 m and track the bird nests, for example.

The whole structure is a double circle with a diameter of 100 m. The track smoothly rises from the ground all higher and higher to the tops of the crown. Built it so as to minimize the impact on nature. The technique involved only one crane, which was in the center of the circle. Concrete during construction did not use. Fully harm to nature could not be avoided – the authors had to cut down several trees. Of them made stops for recreation next to the attraction.

Where are the most unusual cycles of the world

It seems, Limburg will soon sweat the most famous cycling capital of the world – Copenhagen and Amsterdam. What is only worth the cyclehead project on water (or rather through it)! In 2016, in the reserve de Viers, the Belgians built a concrete cycleway, which was immersed in water. Water in the river is at the level of the eyes of people who go along the path. In the same way during the trip, you can meet "face to face" with ducks and other waterfowl birds. Water bicycle path does not interfere with the movement of amphibians and birds. Under it are equipped with special tunnels so that the beasts could move on the other side of the river.

In Germany, there is a cycleway on solar panels. She knows how to produce energy through passing bikes. And in New Zealand Auckland there is a bicycle side, painted in bright pink color. Also, the peculiarity of the latter is the LED lighting system with the symbols of the country’s indigenous nationality – Maori. And it was she inspired to the name – a lightway.

Where are the most unusual cycles of the world

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