Where are the dreams come from?

The question of why we see dreams, scientists asked themselves more than once. But still probably it is known only that dreams coincide with the phase of rapid sleep. Next – some guesses.

Physiologist Ivan Sechenov believed that "a dream is an unprecedented combination of experienced impressions". And since the dream, in his opinion, is based on reflexes, any random stimulus is able to cause a chain of images. For example, if a person froze in a dream, he can dream of a snowy plain, where he is trying to dilute the fire. If he was hungry, can see the kitchen where something is preparing.

The view that in a dream the brain rests, mistaken. It has been proven that during sleep its activity is only 10-15% less than when waking

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud had a different point of view. He believed that in dreams our subconscious reports encrypted information about the depressed and prohibited sexual desires. For example, experiencing attraction to a blood relative, a person, of course, cannot realize his desire to appear, but in a dream – easy. True, and there the desire will manifest itself not directly, but in the form of symbols that have yet to solve.

Some scientists compare the human brain with a computer where the sleep is the optimization of the disk. By the way, the view is that in a dream the brain rests, erroneously. It has been proven that during sleep its activity is only 10-15% less than when waking. Hence the version that dreams are random images that do not make absolutely no sense and add up to the plot unsystematic. Therefore, we remember about 10% of your dreams, of which in the first five minutes after awakening forget half. So the body gets rid of unnecessary information.

People begin to see dreams already at the eighth week of their intrauterine development

Where are the dreams come from

Psychiatrist Allan Hobson believes that in a dream, a person simulates possible threats and learns to avoid them either simulates its reactions to possible situations and learns to express them. If you follow this theory, it turns out that the nightmare is only a training in case of danger in real life.

And the last guess of Hobson is the most popular and fashionable for today. He argues that people begin to see dreams already at the eighth week of their intrauterine development. First, they see colored spots, and for three years, dreams are beginning to be taken into the stories. True, it is also only one of theories. It is impossible to prove it yet. However, as to answer the question, exactly where it was the assumption that.

There is also such a phenomenon as prophetic dreams. That’s just about the nature of their occurrence known even less. For a material researcher, they are not interested in the materialist, because of extreme rarity – it is impossible to collect a statistically reliable database. And esoteric researchers give directly opposing interpretations of the same plots. To make sure this is enough to compare at least two different dreams. However, one can say boldly: if in a dream, each time the same part of the body hurts, it is worth examining it.

Where are the dreams come from

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