Where and when buying Romans

Italy is famous not only for their attractions, but also with high-grade centers, leather goods, porcelain, crystal, luxury goods and fashionable goods. And in Italy, all this can be bought significantly cheaper than in other countries. The main thing you need to know where and when it can be done.

Trade – seasonal phenomenon. In Italy, there are two periods of seasonal discounts and sales, Italian SCONTI and SALDI: from January 7 to March 1 and from July 10 to August 31, so that the trip to Italy promises to become even more pleasant to you in terms of Profitable shopping. You just need to take into account that inscriptions "sale" and "Discounts" can be a banal advertising move. In places often visited by tourists, with this "Ugly phenomenon of capitalism" You can encounter a probability of 99%. Naturally, even there you buy the thing you like are somewhat cheaper than in Russia, but keep in mind that the Romans themselves wishing to acquire something with a discount, prefer to make purchases in the markets, in stores and shops away from the center, where goods are high quality, But not as expensive.

When choosing a store with the SCONTI inscription, pay attention to those of them where the discount is 60-80%, and the showcases are completely sealed or draped (according to Italian trade legislation, enterprises completing their commercial activities, is prohibited to use outdoor advertising). This means that the store closes and fully sells all goods. This trading point can be found in any area of ​​the city, its main sign is a great international queue. After all, the real opportunity to purchase a thing from the leading fashion designer at an affordable price is a large temptation not only for Italians.

The probability of finding such a store (however, like any other to your taste) in the area of ​​the main shopping street of Rome – Via Del Corso, which begins at the Venice Square, goes to the North-West and is the central artery of the area, which is almost entirely from shops. At the right side of it (if you stand back to the area of ​​Venice) are the streets that glorified Rome as one of the capitals of high fashion. Not far from Piazza Di Spagna, on the streets of Sistina, Gregoriana, Frattina, Borgognon, on the street Di Leone boss and on the most famous emerging right on the square, Via Condotti (if you go through Via Del Corso, then it is located between Frattina and Carozze Streets) The kingdom of expensive shops spread. In this prestigious area .There are boutiques of almost all over or less well-known Italian or European firms. If you prefer to buy the most recent, exclusive models of shoes, clothes, accessories and jewelry from Armani, Giantranco Ferre, Cucci, Doice & Gabbana, Laura Biagiotti, Valentine, Rocco Barocco, Trussardi and many others, then in Rome you will find it all in the area of ​​Piazza di Spagna. Of course, nor about any discounts in these stores it is not accepted.

Via Del Corso in Rome is much more democratic in terms of stores Street than Tver in Moscow. There, near expensive boutiques, inexpensive shops are perfect for expensive and flourish, where no less quality goods are sold, only cheaper, and where you can still bargain. In the Via del Corso area, this Via del Tritone, Via Barberinini, Via Vitoria, Via Nazionale (there is also Via Cola di Rienzo and the area of ​​Plissed Campo DC Fiori).

Where and when buying Romans

From other shopping centers of Rome, you can highlight large universal stores Grandi Magazzini. The most famous four networks of these department stores (they are in every major city): La Standa, Upini, Coin and La Rinascenta. Of these, La Rinascenta is the most expensive, La Standa is the cheapest, Upini and Coin – average. The quality of goods in all these department stores is high, but all the same in Rome is more profitable to shop in small private stores, where prices are compared to department stores below.

Speaking about Rome Shopping Attractions, you can not mention two areas where the lowest prices. The first – not far from the new Termini station. He was chosen and prostitutes, so in the evening there is better not to appear, but thanks to this neighborhood near the Termini station, the low cost of renting sales areas, and therefore prices in stores are small. Another place is much more colorful – this is the famous worn market Mercato Delle Puici. It is located in the area of ​​Port-Portea and Bridge Surbitio. There, with proper patience and good luck, you can find almost all at prices less than in the cheapest store. However, it must be remembered that the market works only on Sundays from early morning to 13.00, so do not be lazy to come there in advance.

We wish you to make as much pleasant and profitable purchases in Rome!

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