Where and how to make a PCR test in English?

To enter some open countries, you will need a negative PCR test in English. This applies not only to tourists, but also those categories of citizens who are allowed to enter a specific country. Tell me where to make such a certificate and how much it costs.

Where references are required in English

Now it is Thailand, UAE, Maldives, Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada), and when, finally, the Seychelles will open, then there too. As well as in Greece, Spain, Japan, but it is impossible to tourists to Japan. Sometimes the country does not require reference in English, but the airline yes. For example, if you fly somewhere emirates, then without reference you will not be allowed.

Help for Egypt and UAE

Here the guys distinguished a little. To, for example, enter the Maldives, the help can be sent online, for Thailand just printed. For Egypt, from December 1, all arriving in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghad need an original certificate with live printing and signature of the laboratory director – and everything in English, of course. That is, print a certificate that you came from the laboratory, not enough.

All data in the certificate must be specified correctly, namely: FULL NAME, departure date and arrival, passport number, place of residence, flight number arrival and departure. If something is wrong, you will have to take a test at the airport of arrival for $ 30.

To get to Dubai, the certificate must be in English or Arabic and only in printed form, that is, it is impossible to show a help from the phone screen.

Pass the test for flight to the UAE can only be in these laboratories for 96 hours before departure.

How to make a certificate in English

Almost all authorized laboratories that give references can do it in a foreign language. Only one do it for free, while others – for money.

"Invitro" Gives a certificate in our and English if you leave the appropriate application on the site. Cost 2 950 rubles.

Where and how to make a PCR test in English

Laboratory also gives a free certificate in English "Hemotest" . Test is worth 2,300 rubles, Make 1-3 days.

And here "Medsi" For a copy of the certificate in English takes 600 rubles from above, the test itself is 2,300 rubles.

There is still an interesting clinic Cmd , which issues certificates in English provided that you order the express test for the house. Price Event – 3,400 rubles per test + 650 rubles for calling a doctor.

Live printing put everywhere eagerly and free, you just need to ask.

And at Moscow airports can be obtained?

Yes, if you fly abroad from the regions, you can pass the test and get a certificate in Moscow or right at the airport, an express test is available. In Domodedovo, the usual PCR test of the international sample will cost 3 500 rubles, will do in 3 hours. In Vnukovo, express testing is preparing for an hour, you get a paper certificate in our and English, you can and electronically. The necessary seals and the signature of the doctor are installed on the help for free, just specify in advance that you need it.

Where and how to make a PCR test in English

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