Where and how to get acquainted with the locals in the journey

Travel to travel alone? No reasons for sadness. Discard all doubts and fears, but do not turn off the common sense. We will help you find not just a companion, but also a guide. And maybe a new good friend.

The best way to learn a new country &# 8211; get acquainted with the locals. Local knows all appears and passwords, drives into the coolest bar and kindly tell me where to foreigners the way ordered. But where to look for such an enthusiast? Do not pester on the street or in line at the museum?

And here it comes to the help of the Internet. Arm yourself with a smartphone or laptop to bring the interlocutor to clean water. Well, that is, on offline.

Ask a Stranger

Ask A Stranger (Available only for iPhone) – Talk Talk. Here you can ask a stranger about anything. You ask your question, and people respond to him, the benevolers can be somewhat somewhat. They willingly advise certain places to do and what to see in their hometown.


This, probably, the most famous and promoted service is not only for the search for temporary free housing (at the same time, do not perceive couchsurfing only as free overnight). If you are lucky, you can easily find new friends among the locals. If the owner of the housing will have time and desire, he gladly walks with you and will arrange an excellent excursion.

Not accustomed to dinner alone? We arrived in the gastronomic tour and urgently want to exchange with someone impressions about local cuisine? Do not be afraid, put on the neighboring table to morally unprepared people do not have to. Give the smartphone again and go to specialized sites.


Eatwith is something like a cupchering, only divide you are not a trip with fellow travelers, but lunch &# 8211; With the same as you are a fan of delicious food in a pleasant society. Choose a place, host, menu and place an order. The budget is on any wallet, it all depends on your capabilities and preferences. So that you choose, such a lunch will cost cheaper than in a restaurant, and the main goal &# 8211; Finding a company &# 8211; achieved in several clicks.


Approximately the same as Eatwith, but only works in 20 countries. WithLocals drives travelers with locals at the dinner table. Immediately you can agree on excursions, master classes, joint dinners and dinners.

Where and how to get acquainted with the locals in the journey


The idea is similar to withlocals – With the help of Vayable, curious travelers can try local food, chat and have fun with locals. 10 European cities participate in the project, and each offers several pastime options, and in addition, you have a chance to ask you a personal tour – if what you saw, for some reason you did not impress you. Another great way to communicate with the locals – to come up with some personal tour and find a personal guide for yourself. You choose the places where you want to go, choose a guide and forward, on your personal top of the Wonderland.


SHOWAROUND employs hundreds of local residents around the world, and with the help of this thing you get a personal guide that will show you local attractions, wherever you are. Routes are not indicated in advance, you just discuss your preferences and vice versa. Roughly speaking who pays &# 8211; The main one. Please note the main thing you can even pay anything) Many are ready to spend an excursion for you on pure enthusiasm. But you do not skimp, thank the good smile and a cup of coffee. Like a bonus: you yourself can become a guide in your hometown. On what terms &# 8211; To solve only you.

Meet Up

MEETUP – the world’s largest network consisting of local groups that will be useful to any. Specify the place where you are, and you will surely find a company of something similar to you locals and travelers. Practice language, run the marathon, learn how to cook, climb the mountain and even create a mobile application &# 8211; All this and much more can be found in the list of activities on MEET UP.

Where and how to get acquainted with the locals in the journey

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