Where and how to change money in Turkey

In this article, let’s talk about currency exchange in Turkey. What currency is better to go rest? Where and how to change money? How to determine whether the course is profitable in the exchange station? Is it possible to go to rest with our rubles? Read the answers and the actual course of the Turkish Lira.

In this article, we will talk only about the exchange. If you are interested in information about the currency "Turkish Lira", then read our review "What Money in Turkey".

Important! Now (June 2021) The course of the Turkish Lyra is in a protracted fall. The USD / TRY course has already reached 8.75, although in February was 7. In this situation, recheck the course every time you go to change money!

Where you need to change the money where there is no

If you visit large cities (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir) or the internal regions of the country, then you will definitely have to change dollars and euros on Turkish lira. Here are everywhere only lira. Of course, there are tourist places in major cities, where merchants take the currency. For example, on the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. But these are rare exceptions.

At the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea (Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kemer, Side) The situation is reverse. Here merchants, taxi drivers, drivers dolmosh (minibuses) take euro and dollars. Change to the lira here most likely not have to have. Lyras may only be needed at the box office of some attractions and on official city buses.

At the Aegean resorts (Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye), the situation is border. On the one hand, the main currency of the calculations remains Turkish Lira. On the other hand, almost everywhere receive dollars and euros, but by clearly disadvantageous for tourists.

Is it possible to exchange rubles in Turkey?

In Istanbul and other major cities, in the internal regions of the country are useless. Some exchangers change rubles, but terrible courses.

Let’s wonder for example. On this photo the scoreboard scoreboard at Sabiha Airport in Istanbul. The difference of courses of purchase and sale on the dollar – 7%, and the difference on the ruble – 19%! feel the difference!

At the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea, almost all exchange points change rubles, but the course is extremely disadvantageous – the loss is usually 12-15%. At the same time, losses on the exchange of dollars in the same exchange will be 2-3%.

In such a situation it is more profitable to change rubles for dollars in Russia, ride with dollars, and dollars change to Turkish lyters in Turkey.

At the resorts of the Aegean Sea, the situation in numbers is similar, but working with rubles exchangers meet much less.

Conclusions: Drive to Turkey with dollars, So profitable just. Remember that you can still change the rubles to the lires, it will not work on ruble on the ruble.

Basic concepts

Currency exchange points in Turkish are called "D&# 246; Viz b&# 252; ROSU "(" Döviz Boeros "). Word "D&# 246; VIZ "translates as" currency ". But usually it also written in English in English "Currency Exchange" or simply "Exchange".

Some exchangers and banks charge a commission when exchanging, in Turkish "Komisyon" ("Comsison"). Pay attention to this inscription in the first place.

Current course

Table below, see the current course of the Lyra to the ruble, dollar and euro.

1 Turkish Lira = 8.690 our rubles
1 Turkish Lira = 0.117 American dollars
1 Turkish Lira = 0.099 Euro

1 our ruble = 0.115 Turkish lir
1 American dollar = 8.525 Turkish lir
1 euro = 10.063 Turkish Lear

Where to change

Option 1 – Post Offices

Not the best option. In Turkey, post offices are engaged not only by cash transfers, but also currency exchange. It is not surprising, because in rural areas often there are no departments of banks, and the post offices are everywhere. Find out the mail is easy, look for yellow signage with PTT abbreviation (Posta Ve Telgraf Teskilati).

Pros for tourists. Nic.

Minuses. The unfavorable course and the commission requires documents, change only dollars and euros, and it happens that only dollars. Not all post offices are engaged in currency exchange.

Option 2 – branches of banks

Not the best option. In Turkish, the bank is called "banka" ("Bank"). In any relatively large settlement there are at least one bank branch.

pros. Warranty from fake banknotes, the minimum probability that they do.

Minuses. Unprofitable course and high commission required documents, you need to fill in paper.

Most banks work from 8-30 to 17-30 (lunch break from 12-00 to 13-30). Saturday and Sunday weekends.

Option 3 – Exchanges at airports

Not the best option. Change money in exchanger at airports is unprofitable. You do not need to do this to pay a taxi, taxi drivers will almost always take dollars or euros.

pros. Work almost round the clock. You can change the currency immediately and more about this issue is not worried.

Minuses. Very unfavorable course, high commissions. For example, in the center of Istanbul, the usual difference of courses of purchase and sale – 3%, and at Istanbul airports – 7%.

Option 4 – Exchanges in hotels

Excellent option. In large hotels there are our own exchange offices, which is very convenient. If there is no exchanger in your hotel, you can go to the next large hotel where the exchanger is probably there.

pros. Do not go anywhere, do not look for. The course is usually good, although not the best. You do not need to have documents with you, only the room number is usually asked, you do not need to fill in paper. Work from early morning until late evening.

Minuses. The course and commission in different hotels are distinguished. There are exchange offices with extremely unprofitable conditions.

Option 5 – ordinary exchanges

Excellent option. Exchange points are located in shopping centers, bus stations, near attractions. By law, you need a passport for the exchange, but in fact it does not always require.

pros. The most profitable course and usually the lack of commission. Work almost round the clock.

Minuses. The likelihood of getting a fake banknote may well be calculated.

What course is profitable, what no

Not always on vacation there is time to walk on several exchangers and compare numbers. And who wants to do on vacation? I want to immediately determine if a good course in the exchange office or bad. There are two methods.

The first method is an estimate of spread. Spread is the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. Usually, the scoreboard of the exchange office shows two digits – these are the prices of buying and selling each currency. The essence of the method is simple, you need to calculate the difference in the percentage between the two numbers. If it turned out less than 3%, then change in this exchange point boldly, the course here is good.

However, the Turks have long been aware of this method that all European tourists use, because Europeans are very literate in finance. Therefore, only one digit indicates the table zones on the table – the purchase price of the Turkish Lyra. Then the task is more complicated.

Second Method – Direct Assessment. Need to know the official course of the Turkish Lyra to the dollar or the euro. It’s easy to do if you have a mobile Internet at hand. Read our article "Internet in Turkey Cheap". If there is no Internet, then ask the employee to the hotel’s reception, it will look on the Internet.

Where and how to change money in Turkey

Next, consider the difference in percent between the official course and the score. If it is less than 2%, then change boldly, the course is good.

And do not forget that there are commissions. The course on the scoreboard can be chic, but there is a commission. Look for the inscription "Komisyon" (in Turkish) or "Commission" (in English).

Conclusions and results

1. Fly to rest in Turkey is best with cash. Any other currency in his pocket is an imminent loss of money;

2. Rubles in Turkish resorts can be changed in exchange offices, but they can not be paid. The exchange rate is so unfavorable that it is better to change the houses at home rubles for dollars and go to Turkey with dollars;

3. Exchange currency is best either in the exchange station at the hotel or in exchange offices in shopping centers. In banks, post offices, exchangers at airports, unfavorable or commissions are high;

4. Determine how profitable the course is possible without walking. Need or compare the course with official, or orient to the difference of selling sales and purchase. Methodology, we led to. Do not forget that when exchanging may be a commission;

5. With bank cards Situation is complex. There are banks that take very low commissions for a transaction to Turkey, even less than 1%. We know such banks, but we will not advertise. There are banks that take astronomical commissions, there is even more than 5%. That’s why! Be sure to be interested in your bank about: what will be the conversion rate and how exactly the commission is.

What amount to take on holidays on Turkish resorts, read our article "How much money to take to Turkey".

Have a good holiday in Turkish beaches, and read our interesting articles about Turkey (List of articles below).

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Why it is written that the card is bad? I flew with a map, it was normal.

Alexander – Glavred site

Map Roshn. I myself amantangard. Paying really profitable – CB course + 0.85%. BUT! I even in Istanbul in February 2020 could pay her only in the supermarket. Most card stores do not accept. Narl need. And to shoot with a map of Nalia – this is already far unprofitable.

I do not see the benefits in exchange at the beginning of dollars, then on the lira. The ruble fell strongly to the dollar and the euro.

Alexander – Glavred site

Fell or rose, what’s the difference. Spread (the difference in sales and purchase courses) will still remain high when exchanging Ruble Lira, 15-20% will be accurate. Exchangeholders will not reduce their profits from tourists who did not think and arrived in rubles.

About the spread in percent did not understand. Just selling a minus purchase price will be spread? (As a rule, the sale price is always higher than purchases). And interest then where? Explain pliz 🙂

Alexander – Glavred site

I will say easier. Take a big digit, take away from it smaller, the result divide to the big, multiply by 100.

I bring example. Dollar rate in Sberbank for today – 71.09 – 74,83.

((74.83 – 71.09) / 74,83) * 100 = 5%

Thank you very much. 🙂 Always money changes the husband, but suddenly this information will also come in handy :), there will be a reason to be asked: D

Alexander – Glavred site

Thank you)) I understood the lesson. In these matters it will be easier for readers to be clearer. Probably, even the formula will give for simplicity of understanding.

Where and how to change money in Turkey

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