Where and how to change money in Egypt

How and where in Egypt it is more profitable to change dollars and euros on Egyptian pounds? And whether to change at all? Is it possible to go with rubles, is it convenient? How to understand the cavity, is favorable course in the exchanger? Read the answers in this article.

Please note that this article will talk only about currency exchange in Egypt. If information about the currency itself is interesting – features, banknotes, coins, then read our review "What money in Egypt".

Or whether to change?

Most tourists in Egypt do not change money, do not keep in their hands and never even see Egyptian currency. This is not surprising, because the resort zones of the Mukhafaz of the Red Sea and have long moved to life in dollars, and not in Egyptian pounds. The last currency crisis in November 2016, when for a week the pound depreciated almost 3 times, even more pushed Egyptians from his currency.

De facto, now in the resorts of Mukhafaz Red Sea (Hurghada and neighboring resorts) and Sinai (Sharm el-Sheikh and neighboring resorts) It is the dollar that is the main currency, and the Egyptian pound of secondary. Almost all services can be obtained for dollars and euros, even price tags in souvenir shops are exhibited in dollars. It makes no sense to change money here, however, we recommend morally to prepare that pounds may still be needed, read our article to the end.

Important! If we decided to pay only in dollars, take with you small bills of dollars (1, 2, 5, 10). Traders, taxi drivers, in restaurants very often do not pass. In this case they will be able to give, but in Egyptian pounds.

At Suez and Mediterranean resorts of Egypt, the situation is reverse. Here the pound remains the main currency of mutual settlers. Card with the designation of resorts, cities and airports Watch our article "The Map of Egypt Resorts".

If you are going to Cairo, Alexandria or other cities that are not resorts, then change must be changed. Taxi drivers in Egypt take dollars even in Cairo, but shops, cafes, public transport only for pounds.

Can I go with rubles?

Theoretically possible, but it is not extremely profitable. There are many exchange offices on the resorts that work with rubles, but the exchange rate is extremely unpleasant. Typically, the difference in the sale price of the ruble and the official course (that is, your losses) are 15-20%. For comparison, on a dollar loss within 2%.

Make conclusions. Although the conclusions are obvious – it is much more profitable to change rubles for dollars before the trip, and these dollars in Egypt change to Egyptian pounds.

Current course

The current course of the Egyptian pound to the ruble, the dollar and the euro in the table below:

1 Egyptian pound = 4.716 our rubles
1 Egyptian pound = 0.064 American dollars
1 Egyptian pound = 0.054 Euro

1 our ruble = 0.212 Egyptian pounds
1 American dollar = 15.707 Egyptian pounds
1 euro = 18.541 Egyptian pounds

Where to change

There are four main options: banks, ATMs, exchange offices, visas issuing windows at airports.

ATM – This is a very convenient option, as ATMs meet very often, the course in them is acceptable, 24 hours work. You need to insert dollars or euro into an ATM, ATM will give back Egyptian pounds.

However, there are many minuses in this case. First, the Menu of ATMs in English or Arabic, in our yet. If you do not know English, it will be difficult to communicate with an ATM. Secondly, ATMs do not always take all bills, it happens that only 100 dollars bills take. ATMs "Capricious" when admitting already worn bills.

Departments of banks – This is a wonderful option. The course is usually good, the commission is minimal or absent. When exchanging in the bank, you must require a passport. In the bank will not give a fake bill and do not cheat.

The main minus of banks – uncomfortable hours of work. Banks usually open at 9-00 and closed already at 14-00. Do not work on weekends (in Egypt weekends on Friday and Saturday) and holidays. List and holiday schedule Watch our article "Holidays in Egypt".

Currency exchange points – This is the most popular option for tourists. Exchanges There are many hotels in large markets, near tourist attractions. Exchanges work from early morning to late evening. By law, they are obliged to ask a passport, but in fact they do not make it most often.

Cons – not always a good course, there are commissions, they can calculate or give fake.

Window receiving a visa at the airport. If you get an arrival visa, then in the same window you can exchange currency. The course is acceptable. You can pay for a visa to a large nominal banknote, and the passage to ask for the Egyptian pounds. For example, pay 100 dollars banknotes, while 25 will cost a visa, and 75 will be returned to Egyptian pounds. It is very convenient.

Where and how to change money in Egypt

If you just want to change the currency in this kiosk, prepare morally to failure. If the turn of people behind visas is big, then the staff no longer conduct currency exchange. Wait for a queue will disappear.

Caution, Commission

In some exchange offelaces, a very "delicious" course. But at the same time, the Commission for Exchange. be careful. It happens that nothing is written about the commission. And it happens so that it is written somewhere on the side and very small font.

It is better to show an employee of the exchange point of the bill and ask how "Xau Meni Powes" ("How many pounds"). This method works great in all countries of the world!

How to find out if the course is profitable

This is not difficult. You need to find out the current official course and compare with a digit to the banner of the exchanger. If the difference is within 1.5%, then you can change boldly, the course is good.

And here is an interesting moment! The exchange rate in the exchanger may be on the interest of the percentage worse than official or even be equal to the official. And this does not need to be surprised. The point here is that the Egyptians do not really trust their currency, all savings prefer to do in dollars or euros. Currencies in the country are in dire missing. Often exchange offices work "in black", and then sell dollars to the population. In this case, they are ready to buy currency at the official rate.

Return exchange

If the Egyptian pounds are left by the end of his holidays, the exchange of them back to dollars will most likely not work. At the time of publication of this article, the ban of the Central Bank of Egypt was also valid for reverse currency transactions.

Conclusion 1: Do not change more than you need to current expenses. Then it will be difficult to spend these Egyptian pounds.

Conclusion 2: If the pounds stayed on your hands, then spend them in a Duty-Free airport.

How much will you need to current costs read our article "How much money to take to Egypt".

Successful holidays in Egyptian resorts, and read our useful articles about Egypt (List of articles below).

Where and how to change money in Egypt

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