Where and how to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Helsinki

Waiting for Christmas and his celebration begins in Helsinki at the end of November with the traditional opening of the Christmas season on the street Alexandankatu (Aleksanterinkatu). From the very beginning of the holidays on the streets of the city, the people crowded by Christmas charitable bazaars. A christmas atmosphere can be enjoyed on numerous concerts and singing events. Christmas season ends with a new year meeting on the Senate Square and Luxhelsinki Light Festivals in early January.

Opening of Christmas street

Festive lighting Alexandankatu will be included 23.eleven.2014 in the 66th time and revitalizes one of the main streets of Helsinki. For the first time lights lit in 1949, merchants who have shoppers here and seeking to bring the light and hope to the inhabitants of the city, which only recovered after the war. Years have passed, and has become an important tradition to start preparing for Christmas. In honor of the opening of the season in Helsinki, Julupukka arrives, Finnish Santa Claus, with his retinue to greet all children, as well as adults who remain in the soul of children.

The holiday begins at 14.30 in Senate Square, and lights are lit in 16.00. The most young family members pleases open at the same time Christmas showcase Stockmann store, which remains in the children’s memories of people for over 60 years.

Ideas of Christmas gifts and delicacies from the Fair

Numerous Christmas fairs and charitable bazaars around the city give the ideas of gifts and offering Christmas delicacies. The most famous of them – Tuomaan Markkinat on Senate Square (SenaAtintori), Naisten Joulumessut in the Old Port (Wanha Satama) and Ornamon Joulumyyjäiset.

Modern design, innovative ideas and images created by young artists, you can see and buy at the Christmas Fair in Korjaamo (13.-fourteen. and 20.-21. December) and on Christmas events in blocks around the Senate Square.

  • Naisten Joulumessut in the old port 3.-7.12.
  • Tuomaan MarkKinat 7-22 Fair.12.
  • Christmas Bazaar Ornamon Design Joulumyyjäiset 5.-7-12.
  • Christmas Fair Korjaamon JoulumarkKinat 13.-fourteen.12. and 20.-21.

World of Christmas

In the very center of Helsinki, the christmas square Joulumaailma ("World of Christmas") with its special atmosphere. Here in a fun crowd it is easy to stumble upon Finnish Santa Claus, a snowman or other funny character of christmas stories.

Enjoying the smoking mulled wine, you can see the performances of artists and listen to Christmas music. In kiosks "Mira of Christmas" Sold high-quality and warm textiles, sweet and salty goodies and gifts for yourself and friends.

Event "World of Christmas" Encompasses the center of Helsinki to Kolmen Sepän Aukio, Kaivopiha district and the old house of students (Vanha YlioppilasTalo) and passes 29.eleven.-22.12. and 26.12.-6.1.2015.

Christmas festivities in Suomenlinna

Traditional two-day events in Suomenlinna are held in the first Advent 29.-thirty.eleven. At this time, you can get to know the whole family with Syomenlinna, for example, walking along the trail of the gnomes.

Where and how to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Helsinki

Weekend also work cafes, restaurants and workshops, where you can find traditional Christmas deals and beautiful gifts for the holiday.

  • Syomenlinna

Procession on the day of St. Lucia will make the city lighter

On December 13, the winter darkness accelerates Lucia and the procession in her honor. In the Cathedral of Helsinki on the head of the Virus Lucia 13.12. Wear a crown with candles, after which it goes down in steps on the Senate Square.

The procession is departed from the square in 18.00 and goes in Alexandankatu (Aleksanterinkatu). Just here is the best place where you can admire Lucia, Dwarves, Horses and Beautiful Museum Cars.

Christmas on the island of Seurasaari

The Dwarf Trail at Seurasaari is a free event for children and families with children offering visitors 14.12.2014 look into the fairy tale, see how Christmas celebrated in ancient times, and hear the first christmas message.

Already 19th, shortly before Christmas on the trail of the Dwarfs on Seurasaari, you can meet friendly forest animals, and in places of festivities have fun in various ways – from riding on horseback to funny drawings on the face and fiery show.

  • Dwarf trail at Seurasaari

Clean the calm to Christmas for beautiful music

On the eve of Christmas in churches and concert halls Helsinki, Christmas melodies sound. Many love to tune in to the festive way at traditional students of the union of students and Cantores Minores. In the temples of the city, singing events are also held, where you can fade my favorite artists by Christmas songs.

  • Choir association students
  • Cantores Minores

The best meeting of the new year in the Senate Square!

On New Year’s Eve, Senate Square is filled with a joyful crowd. The program begins with a welcoming speech of the mayor of the city, after which the high-level speeches can be seen on the stage, from music to dancing and even the show of the magicians. What is true here, and what fiction?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … Happy New Year! At 12 o’clock in the morning, the sky will be filled with different colors and sounds. Come and enjoy the atmosphere of the holiday or watch live on TV!

Where and how to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Helsinki

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