Where and how much to leave tip?

Leave tips in establishments – good tone, but the personal desire of everyone. In some countries, they are required, because almost the only income of the personnel. In others – generally prohibited, and may be perceived as a snatch. Tell me where and how much it is customary to leave for tea, so as not to offend the waiter.


V China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore leave tips not taken, moreover, they are even prohibited and may be regarded as an insult. The service personnel in these countries receives good money for their work and gives it completely, so the pennies that you leave will be superfluous. Most often in the account already included 10% for the service, so that this is enough.

A little otherwise with this in Hong Kong . In the cafe or restaurant in the account already included 10% for the service, so you can leave anything. But in a taxi driver rather rounds the amount to leave the surrender.

V Indonesia, If the service is not included, you can leave 5-10% of the check amount, but not necessarily. No one will be offended if you pay only on account. But in a taxi is preferably to round the amount. Where you will definitely wait for Tippet – this is at the airport. Porters cunning guys and do not agree for 2-3 dollars, they need more. Therefore, agreeing to convey someone’s bags, speak in advance the size of the tip.

Argentina, Cuba, Mexico and Chile

If you do not leave the tips in the restaurant, the hotel or somewhere for the service, then the staff will be insult. To change their anger to grace, 10% of the score will be enough.

Near East

But here, unlike Asia, tip (or as they are called – Bakshish) are considered to be tradition and local etiquette. They leave local and tourists. V Oman, Jordan, UAE, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Qatar Pleasant tone is 10, and even 15% of the count amount. And according to tradition, the staff first refuses them. But this does not mean that you need to pick them back. After the second attempt "yes no, that you take" they willingly take a well-deserved fee for their services. This applies not only to personnel in a restaurant or hotel, but also taxi drivers.


In many countries, tips are customary to leave if you liked everything – this is 10-15% of the amount. Often people have no little things, so when paying the map you can add the amount of Tippet and pay for a new account. It also happens that the tips are already included in the final amount if you doubt, check this question from staff. But, for example, in Hungary It is necessary not to just leave the delivery or hundreds of forints on the table, namely, give them personally in the hands of the waiter.

Where and how much to leave tip

A B Italy, Portugal and Spain There is some definite percentage of tip. Therefore, you can round the amount or leave a pair of euros on the table, or 10% of the account – the choice is yours. But in Italy there is another thing as "Coperto". This is usually 1-2 euro for serving the table, money is going directly to the owner of the restaurant.

In France Tips are included in the account and it is even supported by law. They include not only the promotion of the service, but also the fee for water and bread that you bring to the main dishes. Therefore, in France, you can not steam, but pay on the score and leave.


The country where the tip and the whole work holds. Even in simple snacks or fast foods sometimes leave about 5% of the amount. It seems to be penny, and someone is nice. If we are talking about decent restaurants, it all depends on the count amount, and the tips start from 15% and reach 28%. Even if the tips are initially included in the score, it is still necessary to leave at least 5-10% after eating. In some institutions, it can even get to the scandal, they say why you did not leave the tips, I did not like something? If you do not want to keep a tense conversation after a tasty lunch, you’d better immediately give a waiter on tea.

In general, if you do not know how much to leave, leave 10% of the score – this is the norm. And if you do not want to leave the tips in the country, where it is accepted, then you must have a clear justification, in case you will find the institution manager. What you are trees (let’s say) is not an excuse.

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Where and how much to leave tip

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