When traveling to the UAE, medical insurance has become mandatory

In the UAE dreams to go, perhaps each. First, I want to look at how people live in this exotic country, secondly, attracts more than a warm climate, thirdly, such a trip will become also a sign of welfare, because not in every family can highlight a sufficient amount for Shopping vouchers. Until recently, or rather, the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE did not require medical insurance from tourists. However, the situation has changed, complicated, and the rules regarding this issue became more stringent. Now without registration of medical insurance to enter the country will not work.

Specialists POLIS812.ru / noticed that this tourist destination is not cheap. If a tourist for some reason is forced to seek medical help in the UAE, it will be a big blow to the wallet. Reception of the doctor can do a few hundred dollars. Therefore, it makes sense, still being in the homeland, to ensure that, if necessary, medical assistance was provided to you within the framework of the insurance policy.

When traveling to the United Arab Emirates, medical insurance has become a mandatory tourism articles from the tourism

By the way, tourists are offered two types of insurance, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The easiest, convenient – Insurance is included in the cost of a ticket. However, it is already hidden and «underwater rock» – Travel agencies are not interested in a significant increase in the cost of the tour, and when the insurance is incorporated into it, it is inevitable. Therefore, they choose the cheapest policy, there is a minimum risk set.

The second type of insurance is more prestigious and reliable – Tourist independently chooses a policy, taking into account his health and alleged risks. So, if a pregnant woman is sent on the journey, she needs to be guaranteed that in case of complication or premature birth, she will have qualified help. The same applies to a person suffering from chronic disease or having a hereditary vice. Of course, in each case, a list of risks, and accordingly, the cost of the policy will be different. Our services are offered various insurance companies, the tourist can contact the one that causes him more confidence. To understand what services and what prices are insurance companies, follow the link POLIS812.RU / BLOG / REJTING-MEDICZINSKIH-STRAHOVOK-DLYA-POEZDKI-V-OAE-TOP-6 / and read the top of medical insurance for a tourist trip to the UAE. Please note that you have the right to refuse both insurance included in the ticket, and arrange another corresponding to your interests.

When traveling to the United Arab Emirates, medical insurance has become a mandatory tourism articles from the tourism

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