When traveling is a genetic predisposition

That is how Maxim – the author of the project NuisidIdoma and, part-time, the hero of our heading "9 questions" explains their addiction to movements around the world. We asked Maxim about his approach to travel, about counting the achievements, about work and something else – what of this everything turned out, read on.

Question number 1: about name. Maxim, Nuisidoma is a reproach to someone concrete or all those who for some reason have not left the ass from the sofa?

When this neim appeared, I didn’t even assume that it would turn. Then, in 2013, I regularly worked in a creative agency, created ideas, worked with brands and periodically made small departures for the hill. Then he decided to create a blog in Our website, but no longer managed to give birth to a good name. And so, when it was going to the toilet, the word came to mind – Nuisididoma. "This is it!"I thought. Already later I understood how cool it is. Yes, it is, a kind of kick, the most magnificent ass. I just want to show those who are looking for excuse and excuses that you can travel around the world &# 8211; And it is absolutely not difficult.

Question number 2: about how it all began. What appeared earlier – the desire to travel or the desire to blog? And when, actually, it happened?

The desire to study the world appeared a little earlier, about 0.002 seconds after my birth. This is a genetic predisposition, no less. Approximately three generations of my family, to one degree or another, were associated with movements around the world. It could not leave the imprint on me. As for the blog – everything happened by itself. I really like to share information, transfer experience, to merge in every way, or make it seem. This is engaged.

Question number 3: about numbers. You lead your personal statistics: countries, cities, kilometers, spent money, Stopanic sneakers and t. D?

I ride not for the sake of numbers. Because the amount does not matter. Cities and spent finances do not consider, the number of countries in itself is recorded for herring. The only thing that takes into account is the number of kilometers hitchhiking passed. I know that this is a complete garbage, but as I started counting them 7 years ago, I continue. Good tradition.

Question №4: About the homeless. You called your trip on the USA "Adventures of the homeless state". Why did you choose such a marginal way to travel in America and whether he justified himself? By the way, how you twisted in the USA without money?

Nothing special. Money before departure enough only for visa and travel. Grabbed everything that was left and flew into the states. Therefore, the bum, because practically without money. The second reason is the format, I like to drive myself into certain frames and try to get out. It turned out, twisted. There was no money – I didn’t have anything illegally, there was no sleep – I slept in Makdaki, there was no meal – ate from the trash, which, by the way, they differ straightely from our.

Question number 5: about useful. You like to distribute advice to beginners about how simpler, better, cheaper? Even if you don’t like, we ask you: give a universal advice that helped you more than once in a variety of situations.

Advice do not like, just like someone to teach someone. Experience is the best teacher. But if they ask – I will gladly help, I will tell you. The universal means is one thing – the world and people as you want and are. Kidding. In fact, the main thing is openness and smile on the face, regardless of the circumstances.

Question number 6: about work. You are not a tune in the journey and do not abuse human kindness (I hope ☺) – How do you earn your life? In which countries to find a job was easier, where difficulties arose?

When traveling is a genetic predisposition

The most unloved feelings for me – to be intrusive or should be. For me, however, it is better to dump and spend the night under the lantern pillar than to feel disgruntled sighs of the host of the dwelling (by the way, never heard them). If the question concerns money – I can always earn them. I know it.

Question number 7: Pro partner / partner. As far as I understand, you travel one. And did not occur to increase the company and grab someone with me?

I tried different versions of movement: paired, single and group. Having passed a lot of kilometers, I realized that I myself easier, sometimes, of course, rushes sadness and despondency, but it’s little things. When I’m alone – I am free to truly.

Question number 8: about memories. What country or city you remember most often? Why?

For obvious reasons – these are states. Because I know them like a native country 🙂 But Scandinavia occupies an honorable second place in the top of my memories. But let’s see what will happen next.

Question number 9: about the house. And whether the desire had to quit everything, return home, find a permanent job, build a house, plant a tree, and so on? Or maybe not to return, but settle in some country (by the way, what?)?

I will have a house. Where and how it will look – I have no idea, but it will be. Now is Ukraine. And it does not matter that a bunch of time I am abroad. But, I confess, the territory is not strongly tied. Fall asleep in another McDake, somewhere in the wilderness of Oklahoma, formulated his attitude to the world: "During the development of space, divide the territory to countries at least stupid, you need to live on planet Earth".

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