When traveling in a ticket cheaper

The tour operator negotiates in advance with the airline and buy out a block of places in the plane (or completely the entire aircraft) during its flight program. As a result, it is not always possible to fill the plane completely. When there is little time before the day of a certain departure, and there are many places on board, the tour operator reduces the stated value.

So the "burning" tour appears. Its cost is sometimes very low. For example, tour to India or Greece for 8 days – 15 500 rubles per person. And this is already tailored to visas and direct flight. No matter how looking for options to form such a journey on their own (separately buying tickets on the airline website, choosing a hotel, making up a medstrash and t.D.), so cheap to go away from you will not work. Especially in the event that you want to fly out of your city.

Tour of the exotic country

When traveling in a ticket cheaper

Usually a flight to countries such as Thailand, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Vietnam is very expensive. This is connected with long distances. If you book only a flight, then, as a rule, it will be carried out only from Moscow. And do not forget that the ticket price should be added to the ticket from the region to Moscow, moving from the airport and back to the country and accommodation in the hotel.

If we take the usual group tour, it is possible from the regions (in Yekaterinburg sat down, in Yekaterinburg and came out). The price is already included everything you need, and at each stage of the journey you will be accompanied by guides (problems with the language, problems of orientation and T.D. Most likely you will be part of you). And yet no longer make sense to take only flight to, for example, Thailand, if more than 10-14 days you are not going to spend there. The flight will cost as much as the tour, but there will be a flight, and moving airport airport, and a hotel, and insurance. But if you are traveling for a month and more in order to travel all of Asia, then, naturally, you will only win, buying exclusively tickets, as accommodation in Asian countries is quite affordable. But in the Maldives, for example, accommodation is expensive. It is more profitable to buy a ticket, especially "burning" tour no one has canceled.

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