When tourist visas appeared?

Today you can often hear the phrase: «It is necessary to place a visa». It sounds so happy that not many think about that, and where did this concept come from, and how many documents have been needed to visit other countries.

Of course, visa – this is a certain point of control. The state in which you are traveling can refuse to visit you if, for example, your activity contradicts its standards. In order not to delay you right on the border, you just may not give the document allowing you to travel.

And, meanwhile, the history of the visa goes its roots in the most, biblical times. Neemia’s books mention some documents to travel to other countries.

«And I told the king: if the king is implanting, then I would give me letters to the zarechnaya clutters, so that they gave me a skip, no docome to Judea».

These peculiar documents allowed to control the number of visits, which was important, because if you do not know how much you have «guests», then your home can plunge into chaos and poor.

In the Middle Ages, the concept appeared in Egypt «Javaz». He was issued to everyone who has a goal to leave the country. This peculiar «Exit visa» Even the slaves were issued. Egypt was generally famous for high organized, and it is not surprising that there were these special documents.

In our country «passage» and «Vacations» Certificates began to issue in the 13th century in Veliky Novgorod, and finally the procedure for their issuance was enshrined in the court of judicial laws adopted in 1497. By the way, over time, the algorithm of issuing was changed, and leave the boundaries of the principalities by shit over coincidences was becoming more difficult.

Visa documents boom came to the end of World War II. The plundered and wounded Europe thus tried to control migration flows. On the one hand, prosperous countries and are happy to take their ruined neighbors, yes, only, there are no places for everyone, and workplaces too.

When tourist visas appeared

In the 20th century, visas became strictly divided into transit, tourist, business and workers, diplomatic, journalistic and so on. Each type of document had a validity period, and each of its owner could use those or other rights. If a journalist – here’s such a document, and you go to the construction site – Get another. Of course, checks are carried out before receiving a visa and, in some cases, interviews.

With the development of technologies, visas as documents began to try to protect the maximum of fakes. Photos appeared on the visas, allowing to identify the owner, micropone and other elements of protection.

By the way, the state did not come to a single standard of visas, from which a person who often travels around the world, additional problems are created. Although not big, but still being created. For example, for visas of different states we need different photos: somewhere on a white background, somewhere – on gray and so on, but they make companies such as OQ Copenter.

However, in 146 countries visas are now not needed by our tourists or put directly on the border (data for 2018).

When tourist visas appeared

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