When to go to Sri Lanka

Ceylon Island (Sri Lanka) &# 8211; Ideal travel place. But in order to really high quality and work well in such a wonderful place, it is worth a little prepared.

Climate on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – Country and island in the Indian Ocean, slightly below the Indian subcontinent. Possessing these knowledge, you can already imagine what the weather is there. Usually there is very hot and humid. As shown meteorological observations:

  • The average daytime temperature of Sri Lanka ranges from 29 ° C to 33 ° C,
  • At night, the temperature rarely falls below 25 ° C (although tea hills are cooler!),
  • Humidity on Ceylon ranges from 70 to 90%.

Of course, It all depends on the region (for example, in the mountainous part of the island right next to the ocean is a little cooler). However, it must be admitted that the conditions for growing tea here are beautiful.

The island is located just above the equator (between 6 and 10 degrees of northern latitude), and this means that, although there are certain four seasons, they have little common with usual days. Basically because they differ in no temperature, but by the amount of precipitation.

  • The premisson season lasts from March to May,
  • Summer rainy season from May to September,
  • From October to November &# 8211; Postmussian season,
  • When to go to Sri Lanka
  • From December to February &# 8211; Winter Musson.

However, these are just the names that may indicate that Sri Lanka is best to go during the periods before and after monsoon. But this is not quite so!

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka, be sure to clarify the weather in those places you are going to visit.

Best time to relax on Sri Lanka

It is best to go there in Least rainy season. However, there is a small "but". It all depends on where exactly you want to go.

More than 65 thousand people live on Ceylon. Area – 65,610 kV. KM. Such a size of the island in combination with a certain location (just above the equator) means that in each part of Sri Lanka, the perfect period for traveling is among several different dates. It is worth learn to find out where it is better to go and what to see in such a wonderful place.

Here are some tips to facilitate the trip:

If in the first place Explore the whole island &# 8211; costs go there in February and March. Then conditions on Ceylon are quite optimal, although ideal weather here cannot be guaranteed. The likelihood of heavy rainstones here is all year round. However, you need to know that the Asian rains differ from those who are known in European countries. Most often they are very sharp, but also very short. It is worth experience! At this time you need to choose for sunbathing Southern tip of the island.

If the main goal &# 8211; Visit only the southern coast &# 8211; I feel free to plan a trip from November to April. At this time, you can get a lot of pleasure from rest on the ocean. Beaches here are truly awesome. But should be careful! In the summer season, that is, in July or August, it can be quite dangerous here. The ocean is very troubled, and the waves of the cold monsoon front bring many jellyfish here, including dangerous, for example, Portuguese boat.

If the primary goal sunbathe, then the best time for a trip to Sri Lanka will be from November to April.

When goal &# 8211; break in the east of the island, then you should book flight from May to October. However, it also needs to be remembered that at this time strong rains can be expected (north of tea hills &# 8211; Near Anuradhapura, Polonnarvava, Candy). Therefore, in order to combine holidays with sightseeing, be sure to take a raincoat and waterproof case for a backpack!

When planned Mixed rest (Sightseeing and relaxation on the beach) &# 8211; It is worth going to Sri Lanka In winter (from December to March). Then even in the rainy place of the island, that is, on tea hills (with the famous Ella, where there is a beautiful railway route), it goes much less rain.

Most often the rain goes closer in the evening, so it’s enough early to get up to go hiking along the magnificent green tea fields. During this period, you can also enjoy a breathtaking view from Adam’s peak, make an interesting jungle walk or go on a photo safari in Yala National Park. And if sunbathing, then in the famous south of the island! However, it is necessary to remember that this period, when prices on Ceylon because of the peak of the tourist season will be somewhat higher.

Second option &# 8211; August and early September. Then there is an island among others a very interesting festival tooth Buddha. Participation in it can become an unforgettable event.

So, as we see, any time can be good for a trip to Sri Lanka. Despite the fact that the weather here is changeable, and the sun is interspersed with tropical rain, the trip to Ceylon will always be special.

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