When it is better to go to Phuket?

I will open you a big secret, but you can come to Thailand all year round. In Phuket, tourists are resting in summer, and in winter. Such a terrible concept "rain season" not so terrible as they say about him. In addition, in the summer, it is perfectly resting on the coasts of the Siamese Gulf: on the island of Samui from February to October wonderful weather.

When the season is on Phuket?

At the resorts of the Andaman Sea: Phuket, Krabi, Phang Nga, Ranong, Trang, Satun – allocate three main season:

  • Cool from November to February,
  • hot from March to April,
  • Rainy from May to October.

The period from November to February is considered a cool season, good for recreation: the sea is calm, the weather is sunny, and the sky is blue. Don’t forget that the tropical climate is changing like a windy girl, rains can go and at this time.

March and april – hot time for those who do not wait to warm in the sun after long frost. Temperature in the shade can reach + 35-40 degrees. And water in the sea warms up to +29.

From May to October, the official season of monsoons in the Andaman Sea comes. But for true lovers of Thailand, he is not afraid at all: a lot of sunny days, warm weather and the lot of everything interesting. See Burning Tours to Phuket.

Phuket in January

Favorite month visits to Phuket tourists from different countries. The weather is excellent, not very hot + 27-28, the sea pleases its blue. Wonderful time to travel around the islands, snorkeling, enjoying sunsets on the viewing platforms of Phuket. In some years they can happen "Frost", when the temperature falls up to +20 degrees, but tourists such changes usually do not notice. January will please shopaholics by Christmas and New Year’s discounts and sales in large shopping centers. Fans of exotic in late January – early February awaits the New Year on the Chinese calendar. To see the most colorful spectacles, it is better to go to Phuket Town to the JUI Tui Temple. Read more about Phuket in January>>>

Phuket in February

February Perfect month for rest in Phuket. New Year’s and Christmas holidays behind, the people are becoming less. The Azure Sea is calling to go to the Similan Islands – the most beautiful islands of Thailand – to sow on a gentle sand, climb on the viewing platforms with a gorgeous view and see the sea turtle. In Phuket February 14, the day of lovers is widely celebrated. Thais replace traditional New Year’s Chinese lanterns on bright hearts. And the one and the other holidays are not peculiar to indigenous thais. But the Chinese third of the population of the island and many tourists have done their job. Read more about Phuket in February>>>

Phuket in Marta

It becomes a little hotter. Rains that can go at any time of the year disappear. Sunny, Clear, Sea sparkles, sky pigeon – Ideal conditions for beach holidays. March – one of the best months for diving and fishing. The abundance of marine inhabitants is increasing, the Phi Pihi increases the chance to see rare fish and animals or to catch Marlin. Closer to mid-March the heat begins. Read more about Phuket in March>>>

Phuket in April

Still hot and no rain. It is in this hot month that one of the favorite Thai holidays is held – Songkran – Thai New Year. It is noted officially from April 13 to 15. In some provinces, for example, in Chiang Mae or in Pattaya, the holiday lasts a whole week. In the temples there are traditional ceremonies, and in the tourist areas everything looks very vividly and fun. On Patong, on the evening of April 12, it is started to be water. Devora and more adult phukets on April 13 pour out on the streets with water pistols, buckets and buckets filled with water. The more on this day you are poured with water, the more happy you will be next year. If you have the opportunity to visit this holiday in Thailand, do not miss this chance! Read more about Phuket in April>>>

Phuket in May

Mussnes are starting to blow in May. Phuket hotels reduce seasonal prices for accommodation, which is beneficial to use lovers of such extreme sports, like surfing and kaiting. On the beaches, rental surfs, wind-surfs are opening, using them can be independently or together with the instructor. In mid-May, the sea from the west side becomes less calm. But on the east side, it is still quiet and fine, so Maja is the perfect month to visit the Marine Reserve of Phang-Nga Bay, the neighboring province of Krabi and nearby from Phuket Islands – Yai Rang, Khai Nok, Khai Nuy and others. Symilant Islands in the middle of May closed for holidays until November. Analog Siemilan in the summer period is the island island. It is much closer to Phuket, and the white sand and turquoise sea is not worse. Read more about Phuket in May>>>

Phuket in June

The rainy season continues, although the rains themselves for the whole period of rest you can not see. Waves on the sea are not so big and whispering to surf the beginners. For water entertainment on Phuket, residents of Australia and New Zealand rushed. Fans swim in the calm sea should choose beaches without waves: Panva, JSC Jon, Cape Panwe, Naang or Kata Beach, where the sea is relatively petty. There is still a good time to visit the bay of Phang Nga, Krabi and Islets near Phuket. On the island of Phi Phi Leh arrive "Winter" Large volatile foxes, in the afternoon they can be seen sleeping on a tree in the bay of saw. Read more about Jun on Phuket>>>

When to go to Phuket in Thailand - Weather, description by month, Rainy season, Reviews Travel Guide

Phuket in July

The wind on the west coast increases. On the beaches of Karon, Surin, Bangtao and May Khao appear red flags prohibiting swimming. Patong becomes Mecca of Windsurfers. July – the perfect month for rafting in the province of Phang-Nga: the river becomes full, and the waterfalls are striking by cascades falling down water. Ride on quad bikes in July – nothing increasing pleasure. Read more about July on Phuket>>>

Phuket in August

Best month for fans of cool weather. The sun modestly breaks through the clouds, the light breeze accelerates the heat. On this month, the coolness of the jungle refreshes: well ride on elephants, flying on ropic lianam ropes and inspect the Covers of the Cove of Phang-Nga and Krabi Province. Be careful on the beach: the sun in clouds extremely deceptive. Even in the rain, without using protective cream, you can burn perfectly. Phuket markets are replete with fruit: mangoustines, rabbutans and Durians at the lowest price per year. August 12 Thais celebrate Mother’s Day – Queen’s birthday Sirikit, congratulating not only crowned person, but also their mothers. Read more about August on Phuket>>>

Phuket in September

Excellent month for rest. Sunny days are diluted with real tropical rains. September is considered the wet in the year. And indeed, sometimes Phuket overtakes cyclones, when it is raining for several days. The sea is worried much less. But I still recommend paying attention to flags and choose more calm beaches: Panwe, Majang, JSC, Trot Trang, Kata, or Islands near Phuket: Rang Yai, Khai Nok, Khai Nui, Coral, Yao Ya, Yao Noi. Province of Krabi entails his famous Beach Pranag, where you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also admire the fabulous hanging stalactites. At the end of September – early October in Phuket, an unusual holiday is held – the festival of vegetarians, considered one of the heashes of Phuket. The most spectacular processions take place these days in Phuket Town. Read more about September on Phuket>>>

Phuket in October

October call the transition period from the rainy season to the cool season. The clouds are dispelled, the waves on the sea subsided, at night there can still be tropical rains. Good time to travel to Lake Chez Lan and Khao Juice National Park. Phi Pih Islands in the province of Krabi will enter snorkeling among colorful fish and retire from the worldly bustle. In October, prices for tickets are not so high, and people on the beaches are not so much. Read more about Phuket in October>>>

Phuket in November

Weather Wonderful: Sea lazily licks sand, sun shines, clouds evaporate. In November, in Phuket, one of the most beautiful holidays is held – Loi Kratong, which is traditionally the end of the rainy season. This month opens with "summer holidays" Symilant Islands. Similana can go for a day trip. And if you want to spend the night on a tropical island, go to the Rachu or Coral. Every year, a carnival is held on Patong, dedicated to the opening of the season: festive processions, colorful performances and a lot of delicious food. November holiday on the island wonderful. Read the detailed article about Phuket in November>>>

Phuket in December

One of the best months for Phuket: The sun shines, the sea sparkles with his azure, the abundance of holidays is striking. December 5 Thais celebrate Father’s Day – the birthday of the favorite king frame IX. In his honor, Thais flashes millions of candles. In early December, the royal regatta is held on the west coast. You can not just look at luxurious yachts and sailboats, but also to participate or undergo shipment courses. In the tourist areas of Phuket traditionally celebrate Catholic Christmas, there are dinners in hotels with a show with a program that includes not only deer and Santa Claus, but also the national Thai dances. And, of course, the new year! A little more than sixty years ago, a tradition appeared to celebrate the European New Year, that with the joy of local residents embody, because the holiday should be every day! Read more about Phuket in December>>>

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