When they are fighting, it will not be particularly rest

Riots in Mombas and other areas of the Kenyan coast have already begun to affect the number of tourists arriving in Kenya. Western tourist firms report the growth of the number of canceled tours. So far, the failures of trips to Kenya are measured dozens, but, as Western and local experts warn, if at least one foreigner will die due to riots, the trend will acquire avalanche-like character.

The beginning of the disorders laid student unrest in the Kenyan capital, cruelly depressed by the police. As often happens in African countries, a political protest converts into acts of violence, robbery and arson, which with politics have no longer in common. At first, the riots spread out of Nairobi to Mombasa and south of her submissions, and last week they first spread to the resort areas of the North of the coast. For example, about 400 kiosks of traders souvenirs on the beaches of the resort town of Malindi, 120 kilometers north of Mombasa. Mostly these kiosks belonged "strangers", That is, we moved on the coast to the consecration from the inland areas of Kenya. Arsals were accompanied by beating of merchants and even killings. 37 people died. Police acted as always, cool and detained 189 participants in the riots, including several political activists. 42 of them already charged.

Malindi – the center of the resort area, which is very popular with Italian tourists. The British, Germans and the French are mainly preferred to relax in the resorts south of Mombasa. ours, by the way, also love the Mombasa region, but national parks in the country’s interior are more popular among them. Total Kenya was visited by about 770 thousand foreigners last year, more than half of which stayed at the coast resorts. Kenya’s tourist industry, although it is experiencing a decline, but, nevertheless, continues to bring substantial income to the country. Last year, he amounted to about 500 million dollars.

When they are fighting, it will not be particularly rest

The current riots can be reputation of Kenya as a country of mass foreign tourism is simply irreparable damage. Actually, serious damage is already applied. Although none of the tourists suffered, the authorities of Great Britain, Germany and France warned compatriots about the need to abide by maximum precautions, resting in Kenya.

But the US State Department went even further – he generally recommended American citizens to refrain from trips to coastal areas Kenya.

When they are fighting, it will not be particularly rest

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