When the scheduled circle turns into a "small doses" journey and you are glad

"Patriotic", it seems to me, sounds somehow provocative. For me, by and large, does not matter whose territory. In general, everything is the same: all the same tourist beach YUBK, all the same waveres, which instead of calming the sea, torment the coast as their appearance. But this is all garbage, because the Crimea is much more interesting in his mountain paths and panorama view, which are picturesquely reveal on the cliff cliff.

It is necessary, by the way, to say, why and how I went there – it was not just a journey, not just a hike – it was a "under the backpack", which gathered bloggers, the same travelers as I. And that in twins is nice, I was sinner to the organization of this event and led the campaign.

It turned out interesting and very unusual experience with such a strong team, and very soon we will begin to generate content: post in social networks, stories and photos from this trip, we will tell in detail how cool it was.

You started in July 2014, right? Then you talked about what you are going to the army – the plans did not change?

Yes, I started on July 7, 2014. For 4 months drove from Baikal through Mongolia, China, Laos and Vietnam. And then I hit my head, and I realized that it was not necessary to do everything and immediately, and travel should be portion. At that moment I returned home and now I prefer local travel with interruptions.

Has passed more than a year where you managed to go?

In addition to those countries that I drove for 4 months, I managed to go to Hibin, to the Red Polyana, in the Caucasus, and now in Crimea.

And what for you, in principle, the journey is a hobby, lifestyle, meaning of life or something else?

In the concept of "journey" I invest a lot of meanings for myself: knowledge of the world and getting a new experience, in part, lifestyle (although sometimes I love, on the contrary, sit on the spot), also this is what I’m interested to tell another. It is travel that inspire me to what I do in my blog, in social networks – from traveling I draw their filling.

Many travelers, especially those who are in the state of "constant movement" work through the Internet. As far as I understand, you have the same story. How do you think their fate would have elapsed, do not internet, freelance, the opportunity to work remotely?

Of course it would have formed. Many travelers, coming to the country, find there, as a rule, an illegal way of earning – I mean such an earnings where you do not need to execute documents and you can do the tourist visa. Because when you are always in motion, work on the Internet is an order of magnitude more difficult than finding part-time. I myself now does not have this constant movement, so I can work calmly and does not hurry.

For what you came up with the project "On the way?"

When the scheduled circle turns into a

The initial idea was "bombing" cool stories, well, right, get into the most incredible situations and talk about them. But then, already in the journey, it turned out that nothing like that did not happen that, in general, everything was always on the journey. And this is "good" I am most often writing. Well, naturally, one of the objectives of the project is to raise your chsv, where without it :). And, like any novice traveler, I wanted to blog, move around the world and live on it – in fact, now I understand that this idea was dubious. Now I became interested in editing the video and the project "On the way", I need to promote exactly this (video) content.

Are you interested in the activities of other concern-bloggers – our, foreign? Maybe a familiar with someone personally?

In fact, in spite of the hundred novice public about travel and army, the circle of travel-bloggers is quite narrow and almost with all I’m familiar, and almost with all on the network only. We are talking about the guys from Russia and the CIS, for foreign, I almost never follow. There are two dude, which, you can say, gave the start to my journeys – this is a rum of candles and Alexander Fedorov. It was their stories that inspired me to their own business.

If, at the very beginning of our way, you made a list of countries that you just have to visit, whatever you leave? Why?

I would leave Russia in order to shove the entire route and finish the journey, returning home. Actually, so the route was compiled 🙂

How do you see yourself in five, ten, … to make years – everything is the same "in the mountains, by seas"?

Once, years 3-4 ago I clearly and brightly imagined my life: a house from a log house, a family, everything is beautiful. But now I can not even imagine what will happen in a month – a lot of projects and ideas, travel and trends appear all the time. I do not know what will happen tomorrow and think it is cool!

When the scheduled circle turns into a

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