When Thailand will start receiving foreign tourists

Tourism is one of the key industries of the Thailand economy. The active development of tourism has begun here since the 1960s, and until today, the government pays great attention to the development of the tourist infrastructure. So, in 2019, the kingdom was visited more than 39 million foreign tourists who replenished the local treasury by about $ 62 billion.

It is logical that the coronavirus pandemic inflicted the country a serious financial damage. Now, when the epidemiological situation in the world is more or less stabilized, foreign tourists are eagerly awaited in Thailand. However, the vigilant government is in no hurry to cancel quarantine.

In the management of civil aviation and the situational center for combating coronavirus infection, they reported that from July 1, entry to Thailand will be opened for foreign students and students, owners of work permit in the kingdom, some foreigners coming to treatment and foreign spouses of Thailand citizens.

All data representatives categories will need to prepare a special permission to enter and medical certificate about the absence of COVID-19, and on arrival in the country – to pass a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Also, for foreigners, restrictions on movement in Thailand. At first after the opening of the borders to the country, it is planned to start no more than two hundred people per day.

At the second stage of the opening of the borders, the so-called will probably be created «Tourist bubbles», For which foreigners will be able to get to Thailand without unnecessary bureaucratic. Such «bubbles» With the kingdom, most likely, countries with low incidence of coronavirus will be connected, including — Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, New Zealand and Australia. However, information on the creation «tourist bubbles» So far, not officially confirmed by the Thai government.

When Thailand will start receiving foreign tourists

Such uncertainty is quite understandable, because no one can predict how the epidemiological situation in different countries will continue to develop. From the second wave of coronavirus is not insured by any foreign state.

Similarly, it is not known when Thailand’s land borders open. At the end of June, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Prarat Chan-Fairy spoke quite extended that it was time «Weaken restrictions» and eliminate obstacles to traveling between the neighboring countries of Taya. No concrete deadlines of the prime minister.

Probably, all foreign guests of Thailand will have to comply with mandatory quarantine measures: to undergo temperature screening, to comply with the social distance and use the Thaichana app, which is created to track the spread of coronavirus infection.

When Thailand will start receiving foreign tourists

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