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Fucking four-legged pets – a great reason to tie a fleeting acquaintance with a woman. Consequently, violating the norms of Islam. So considered the religious police of the country and, apparently, deciding that she was enough with women, forbidden to walk cats and dogs. Violator threatens confiscation of pet. And his owner will have to sign a written oath not to repeat the offense. If you get again, the case will be solved in court.

Spain: Spice legs in public transport

The corresponding law was adopted in Madrid. In 2017, stickers prohibit sitting with widespread legs appeared in local buses. Everything accompanies the inscription: "Respect the space of another". At least the guard of the order and does not arrest the Spaniard who took two seats instead of one, warning will result. And Spanish, who influenced the adoption of the law, will make the offender themselves understand that it is not necessary to push the legs and take impose.

Ireland: refuse to marry

True, only February 29. Therefore, Irish, which really wants to marry a certain man, it is necessary only to wait for the nearest leap year and February 29 to make your chosen proposal. If he responds with refusal, according to the law, will be obliged to pay the girl fine. There is this law since the XI century. Of course, now only on paper, but a man will be difficult to refuse a particularly assertive girl. Law on her side.

Muslim countries: wearing gold and silk

In the Qur’an it says that these two things the Prophet Mohammed to men forbade men, and women allowed women. Therefore, among Muslim men under the ban, any gold, even a wedding ring. It must be made of silver. Punishment for violation is not provided, but for believers this ban is equal to a ban on alcohol. Here are women and wear gold for two.

Turkey: paint hair black

The ban imposed the management of the country’s religion affairs. They say, paint hair, mustache and beard men can. But not black. On Islamic standards this color is unacceptable. It’s better, probably red. Although why not paint them in blue or green?

For women

Turkmenistan: buy cigarettes

More precisely, it is forbidden to sell them to women. The ban was introduced 2016 for the purpose of. Stitcher speculation with cigarettes, as the country has long been conducted by a fierce combat. Say, enterprising women used to be ready to buy for many packs, and then sell Stridor. Now do it will not work. You can bypass the ban, only if you make a certificate from the local drug treatment clinic about tobacco-dependence.

Iran: visit football matches

Explains all the religion: women can not be viewed on men in shorts and listen to the Maternaya Brand in the stadiums. And forbid male fans tightly express much more difficult than getting rid of women. Perhaps in any other country to this ban and would not pay attention. But in Iran Football – this is something more than sport. Women here know the schedule of all matches of almost all football tournaments, the names of players and arbitrators. For them, football is more exciting for the series.

When one can, and others can not

Therefore, the probability of arrest and the preventive conversation of the Iranian does not stop. The most ardent fans are covered with false mustache, beard and, changing into men, penetrate stadiums. Moreover, see women do not always manage. And Iranci ride football to neighboring countries. In this sense, the World Championships in Russia in 2018.

Saudi Arabia: visit "Men’s" Wedding Party

Mark weddings separately quite in the spirit of Muslim traditions (about other strange wedding trends "My Planet" already wrote). But if in other countries of the Middle East this rule is not always respected, in Saudi Arabia, where women still continue to fight for their rights, the bride has no right to visit the "male" party. Although the groom on the "female" is present.

Sudan, Swaziland: Wear Pants

In Sudan, women in pants are considered immoral. The order is strictly accomplished by the Police of Public Morality. According to the 1991 law, for the wearing "immodest and indecent clothes" threatens 40 strikes with beaches, but exceptions are sometimes. So, in 2017 to dare to put on trousers, 24 residents of Sudan decided. Only the public pressure saved them from punishment.

But the acting king of Swaziland (Esvatini) MSUTI III went further and announced that such guilty in all world troubles. And ordered the soldiers of the army to break from the violators this object of clothing and tear it into the shreds. Risk and subjected to the words of the king doubt so far no one is driving. Dictators – they are … We wrote about some in the material "Pension Dictators.

It is noteworthy that until January 2013, women’s trousers were banned and in France. According to the law of 1800, any woman who wants to dress on the male fashion was obliged to appear in the police station for resolution.

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