When oil tower is not a hindrance

If you swim on the ferry to the Indonesian city of Balikpapan, which is located on the south-east of the island of Kalimantan, you can see endless rows of oil towers, leaving the disciplined to the horizon. Oil – Home Article income in local regions. Oil should tourism. Surprisingly, literally 10 kilometers from oil production places, on Marconi Beach, absolutely clean white sand, and the sea does not overflow the fasteners at all and is quite suitable for swimming and fishing. How did Indonesians manage to save the sea and beaches clean – it is not clear. Moreover, they managed to create there and excellent beach holiday conditions. Groups of ours are not treated there, but in our travel agencies working with Indonesia, one can order an individual tour to the balikpapan.

International Level Resort Here is just one – Dusit Inn Balikpapan. Before the hotel three years ago opened their doors, the local shore was clean, but stony. But the tourist does not lure a stone. A special firm took on to pour on the coast near the hotel’s long sand dune, by the type of Balinese. For the exercise of the whole project, about three years. Today, the beach looks as if it naturally washed the wave for some two or three centuries. In September of this year, the beach was even more extended, falling asleep with the sand.

On the beach, tourists are offered to engage in water sports. The hotel has a pool, though, round, so it is not particularly melted. Building itself surrounds a tropical park. Mass tourism in this corner of Indonesia is barely begins to develop, and therefore prices for accommodation at the hotel are low: $$ 45-70 per day depending on the category of numbers.

Balikpapana oil fishing does not affect the jungle located nearby. Coconut palm trees come out as if nothing had happened, and also rushed forever displeased parrots. Fruits of tropical beds: Avocado, Papaya, Guaiyava, Starfrurt, – It is properly on the hotel.

The Chinese restaurant serves Sichuan cuisine. Borneo Fun Pub treats beer guests, arrange competitions for singing-karaoke. Professional orchestra from Malaysers plays on national calm instruments resembling copper chains and cooks. Chinese entertainers entertain guests focus and acrobatic numbers. All shows are included in the room rate.

When oil tower is not a hindrance

Not far from the hotel proceeds the stormy river Mahakam. On it, the hotel’s tour desk organizes an alloy on plastic kayaks. For beginners, one-day alloy is organized. They are taught simultaneously to keep paddle and equilibrium. Dress helmet and life jacket. But allowed to descend only by the safest area of ​​the river.

Other places of the River Mahakov lovers are not available. Experienced kayakers who come to the balikpapan from around the world are melted there. They are usually fused for several days. Europeans managers from oil clauses are specifically seen in Dusit Inn Balikpapan for the weekend, so that, forgetting about work, burst into the pool, and even seriously engage in rafting.

After spending a day or two at the hotel and relaxing, it is necessary to go to the jungle to the picturesque settlements of Djakov. They live in cane huts and generally lead a primitive lifestyle, and in the nearby past, they say, they even blinked by cannibalism. But the oil fields all this patriarchal life gradually destroy. And soon, perhaps, all the dawns will move to cities. Only those who live in hard-to-reach deaf places of Kalimantan will remain. There is a tourist in a civilized way, that is, on the bus or on a jeep, not to get.

When oil tower is not a hindrance

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