When it seems that nothing surprises

“When it seems that nothing surprises”. These words begins not only the Presentation Roller Travel Show “Where is it further!”, But it is characterized by all the way from beginning to the end, which the author and leading Angelica Blaise together with the operator Alexander was done in two years in order to finally bring a blog from Yuttib to the general public and start broadcasting on TV. Each time, coming to a new country, it seemed that they would not be surprised here for sure and in the same moment, Angelica opened up new customs of the country, the amazing details of the history of the area and the facts that debunk the legends and conversion of travelers and guides.

So, the TV presenter visited the sectarian village in Brazil and saw with her eyes, as the parishioners cause the spirits of the dead ancestors, worship the leader of the White Arrow and at the same time they love and honor Jesus Christ and Moses.

In another release of the program “Where is it further!” You can see real places of filming, without scenery, where we worked on the films “Water seeker” With Russell Crow, “Pickey” with Amir Khanom, “Avengers” with Robert Downey ML., Scarlett Johansson and others.

When it seems that nothing surprises

Surprised Nazinal Kitchen dishes that Angelica Blaise not only tries in every country, looking into local restaurants, street trays and cafes, but also trying to prepare them under the most sensitive manual of the host of the house, for example, takaki in Japan and Goezlem in Turkey.

All programs are not just a story about the sights of the world and its natural wealth, but also emotional stories about leisure in a particular city, interesting people and their professions. Each series of show is filled with the brightest animation and graphics, due to which time spent “Where is it further!” flies in one moment!

When it seems that nothing surprises
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