When it is better to relax in Greece on the sea?

Greece – country surrounded by warm seas with excellent infrastructure adapted for receiving guests. Mainland and island coasts are equipped perfect sandy and pebble beaches. Lovers of sea bathing, silk tanning have the ability to choose: rest in crowded places or in a secluded bay.

Palm and olive groves, white sand, pure water attract tourists from around the world.

Vacation on the Greek shore of Ionian, Mediterranean, Libyan, Aegean Sea, tourists spend from May to October. Winter is more suitable for excursions and ski rest.

From the last spring month starts Active hotel service work.

From almost 1.5 thousand islands the most hot is Crete. Here, the air temperature at this time reaches 25 ° C, water – about 21 ° C. Affectionate sun, refreshing sea meet the first guests.

In June, visitors in Greece are not so much yet, but already warm enough. The air temperature on the southern islands comes to 30 ° C. Sea with water temperature 23 ° C Nice for bathing. Those who prefer club parties, historical excursions, please in Rhodes.

At the peak of the summer season in July, August in Greece is the most hot (up to 35 ° C), alright. The country is filled with cultural events. The capital holds the famous Athenian Festival. The coastal sea is heated to 25 ° C. The weather pleases with sunny days, rains a little. Tourists strive for the Northern Tasos and Chalkidiki.

In September, it is coming the Velvet season For vacationers. Znow is released. Warm (27-29 ° C) Air with a pleasant breeze, not yet cooled water gives real pleasure from day landscapes and evening surf.

To the North of Greece during this period, rain rains come, alternating with sun weather. Therefore, a beach vacation is possible every other day Replace sightseeing. Good to do windsurfing.

South Crete remains without rains until the end of the month, so his beaches remain in demand. Santorini, Rhodes and Spit make it a competition.

When it is better to relax in Greece on the sea

The last month of coastal recreation among tourists is considered October.

By the end of the month, North Greece hotels are gradually closed. Southern Rhodes and Crete are still pleased with pleasant weather. During the day there is warm, the air cools slowly, the temperature gradually decreases to 22 ° C.

In the evening, going for a walk, it is advisable to grab a warm sweater or sweater. The wind becomes colder and gusty.

In October, go to Greece Those who want to correct health. Walking along the sea shores are subject to respiratory authorities. Special spa treatments will improve the state of the nervous, cardiovascular systems, joints, spine.

In any month of the beach season, holidaymakers will find their own corner for a pleasant pastime.

When it is better to relax in Greece on the sea
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