When it is better to go to Ukraine

Trip to Morshin

August 14 last year, I decided to go to the resort town of Morshin that under Lviv – I used to be only passing there, and this time I wanted to visit him personally. Read more →


Kyiv. General about Museum Pirogovo

Only in the Museum of Pirogovo Loudly – it is so big that it is naive and rely on culturally covered it. I’m when I go to Pirogovo, I just walk, where I want. Read more →

Haydamak | Spring 2017


Overcoming a million steps, in the old town. And overlooks the beautiful castle, from afar of the truth, but beautiful! Town Hall Square, very small. Read more →

kj studio | June 2014

When it is better to go to Ukraine

Kyiv. Museum Pirogovo. Mlini

There are three places, where at night there is no believing Christian of the stroke – on the graveyard, in the forge yes to the mill. Milnics often did not greet, but did not say goodbye – there is nothing to know with Lohychi. Read more →

Haydamak | Autumn 2016

Finally got to orbit

Officially, the city of orbit on the map of Ukraine you will not find. Geographically, this part of the village Vitovo. Twice a day through orbit is the bus Viteovo – Cherkasy, but flights are not daily. Read more →

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