When it is better to go to the countries of Southeast Asia?

European countries for exotic recreation in winter are not suitable, but if we consider the resorts of Southeast Asia, then the time to visit them should be very careful, so that the weather does not interfere with you enjoy the sun and the warm ocean.

The most visited resorts of the above-mentioned tourist region are considered Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India, as well as the Philippines. Each of these countries boasts its richest history and unique nature. But they are characterized by climate with the existence of the dry season and the rainy season, which will make you spend your holiday in the hotel room.

What the countries of Southeast Asia conquered me?

I really like to relax in the countries of Southeast Asia &# 8211; Local resorts are attracted by exotic and their special atmosphere. Over the years of travel, I can confidently distinguish several reasons why I attend the countries of South:

  • Beach &# 8211; lovers to soak on snow-white sand and swim will be happy, many beaches awarded awards &# 8220; Blue flag&# 8221;, the coastline is almost wide everywhere;
  • kitchen &# 8211; Another plus will find gastronomy lovers, the food is delicious, diverse, seafood and fruits are dominated;
  • calm atmosphere &# 8211; The rest here is measured, tourists do not stick and are not imposed, although, I will not delve, there are exceptions, but not as often as in Egypt or Turkey;
  • Attraction &# 8211; In Vietnam and Thailand, they are original, unique, immediately feel that it turned out to be in another part of the world, many religious objects;
  • nature &# 8211; I have been many times in Europe and I can say with confidence that such an abundance of greens, there are no such incredible landscapes and landscapes anywhere except Southeast Asia.

My friends and acquaintances who at least once visited the countries of South Kazakhstan, unconditionally fell in love with these exotic resorts. Yes, the cons rest here is also there, it is a long flight, as a result, high prices for tickets, but the benefits are undoubtedly more. And these are not empty words or advertising.

What is the weather in Vietnam?

In the period from May to November I do not recommend going to Vietnam &# 8211; At this time of year it is better to search for an alternative. But you need to remember that this country is very strongly stretched from north to south, so weather conditions at different resorts may differ from each other. Even in the midst of the rainy season in Vietnam, you can find resorts suitable for beach holidays. Here are some of my personal weather observations:

  • In winter, it is better to rest in the south of Vietnam &# 8211; I liked it on Kondao, Muin, Phantekht, Fukuok, where the thermometer showed from +26 and above. But in this time of the year, the weather and relative cool, he met the windmill and relative cool, but the prices were pleased;
  • In the spring as a whole everywhere comfortable &# 8211; I advise you to visit Halong Bay with 3,000 small islands, it becomes hot in the center, but in Hanoi, Nha Trang and Fukuchok is excellent;
  • In the summer, as already spoke, it is better not to go, but if we planned a vacation, go to the southern resorts, for example, to Danang or Hue, the water is heated here to +30 degrees;
  • In the fall, the weather is still not happy, typhoons arise, there are strong shower and floods, the choice of resorts is limited, I was in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Cityer, it’s quite comfortable here.
When it is better to go to the countries of Southeast Asia

Still consider that in the spring in Vietnam many festivals are held &# 8211; This is a good time to visit the country, if winter holidays you missed.

Thailand &# 8211; Season for rest

In Thailand, the rainy season continues from June to October. Here they pour so strong rains that the streets flooding. However, some resorts of this country can be attended year-round:

  • Pattaya;
  • Samui;
  • To Tao;
  • To Chang;
  • Phangan.

I rested in summer in Thailand and I can share my review: On the shores of Siamese Bay, everything is fine, a lot of sun, rain rains, a lot of tourists, but the prices are acceptable. But on the coast of the Adaman Sea I do not advise &# 8211; Livni here go much more often. Still, Thailand is more suitable for winter holidays, although much depends on the resort.

Sri Lanka &# 8211; Best time to relax

On Sri Lanka, the rainy season begins in March and ends in November. But it rains here are mainly at night, and in the afternoon you can quietly do not have fat on the beach. From my own experience I can say that it is better to choose such months to visit:

  • December &# 8211; Ideally in the southern and western resorts, where the thermometer shows +28, in Colombo and Hikkaduwe rarely fall out of the precipitation, even hotter, and in Nembo, you can surf;
  • January &# 8211; I advise you to visit the south of Sri Lanka, where rains fall out once a week and are true salvation from the heat, but in the Trinomale, the sky is cloudy, livni spoil rest;
  • February &# 8211; Tourists attract calm beaches of Vaduvwe, Unawatuna, Dalavell, and surfers go to Hikkadawu and Negombo, in the south still clear.

If you like excursions, I recommend to come in March &# 8211; It was at this time of the year that I rested on Sri Lanka when you can safely swim, and inspect the sights, without fear of hurricanes. Indian Ocean is warm to +27 degrees.

When it is better to go to India?

From June to September, it is not to visit India, since this period is characterized by unbearable heat and plenty of precipitation. But if you like cognitive tourism, you can quite visit the historic places of India, located in the distance from the coastal resorts, where you will not rain. In winter, rest in India is more interesting, I like to visit:

  • Goa;
  • Kerala;
  • Mumbai;
  • Chennai;
  • Cernataka.

In winter in India is hot &# 8211; The water temperature reaches +28, the air warms up to +34 degrees, and at night the thermometer shows no less than +23. In this case, I liked the climate &# 8211; Not stuffy, light breeze blows.

Philippines &# 8211; Season for rest

In the Philippines, rains come from July to December, the rest of the year you can safely attend the local resorts and serenely rest on the beaches. For winter and spring, I recommend my most about the Philippines:

  1. Palawan &# 8211; There are divine islands with a unique flora and fauna, species, have a lot of caves’ excursions, you can do diving;
  2. Cordillera &# 8211; I walked on rice plantations, I visited the twieege tribes, ordered a walking tour of the mountains;
  3. Iloil &# 8211; Be sure to relax on the beaches and the islands of Himaras, try seafood in the local cafe (I confess my weakness), look at the Miagao Church from the UNESCO list;
  4. Ilokos &# 8211; Find for lovers of history, architecture and attractions, and local beaches are not inferior to other popular resorts;
  5. Bicol &# 8211; I rested here because of love for nature and beautiful landscapes, and also made a bunch of colorful pictures against the background of a unique volcano Mayon.

You can also relax in the Philippines at Surigao resort with breathtaking beaches &# 8211; Here are the surf lovers, and the exotic lagows please romantics.

Indonesia &# 8211; Weather for months

As for Indonesia, then in this country rains begin to go in November and finish in March. The most wet months in this country are January and February. However, the number of tourists who want to meet New Year in Indonesia is constantly increasing, and no rains are scared at the same time. In the summer you can rest on the beaches without any problems &# 8211; Weather from April to October stands impeccable.

Keep in mind that in the above countries there is a very cunning sun, so you can burn even in cloudy weather. Follow in advance reliable means to protect against the Sun, do not plan excursions to the hottest days.

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When it is better to go to the countries of Southeast Asia

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