When it is better to go to Montenegro

Excursion to Cetina

The city itself is small, low houses. Passed by the buildings where there were European powers before the embassies, but now everything came into decay what is called, "By the boil". Read more →

Polina Boytsova | May 2018

Where to live in Budva: Hotel Aleksandar

We lived in the hotel "Alexandard" – Good comfortable "Four". By the way, after my trip in 2017, it was completely renovated. Read more →

Polina Boytsova | Summer 2017

Flying over Montenegro on Paraglider

It happens more often on Becici, sometimes above the bar, which in the north of the country. I will show some pictures of my flight over Becici and the moment of landing, which I was so afraid. Read more →

sasha0404 | July 2012

When it is better to go to Montenegro

Balkans 2012. Petrovac

From the walls of a small fortress Castello opens a wonderful view of the city. Generally, Petrovac is conveniently located "CENTER" beach line. Read more →

Binzajr | summer 2012

Results of a trip to the Balkans on a motorcycle. 11 830 km, 35 days and 22 countries

Screw 11,830 kilometers in 22 countries, among them Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, and already familiar countries like Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany or Switzerland. Read more →

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