When it is better to go to Jordan

Traditionally, spring and autumn are considered the best time for visiting Jordan. In the capital, around the Dead Sea and in the northern regions from March to May, it is quite comfortable weather – + 17-27 ° C with a small amount of rain (on average no more than 8 "wet" days a month). In the fall (from September to the end of November) a little hotter – + 20-30 ° C and land (2-5 rainy days per month), but still as part of a comfortable.

In the summer throughout the country, it is too hot – during the day almost constantly above + 31 ° C with the complete absence of rain and frequent winds-Sukhov. Sand storms come from deserted areas, during whose period heaven becomes brown, everything around is covered with a layer of sand and dust, which is why breathing without special protective devices is difficult. In the winter, the temperature of the day can be lowered to + 10-14 ° C, and at night often reaches zero marks that the Europeans are pretty difficult. Precipitation during this period although more, but only by local standards – from 50 mm in December to 60 in February – that is, not more than 10 days with rain per month.

When it is better to go to Jordan

Thanks to a special microclimate weather conditions in the Akab Bay area, it is quite significant, so this region is available for visiting all year round. In summer it can be very hot, up to + 45 ° C in the shade, and very dry (May to early October, sometimes does not drop a single drop of rain), but thanks to the proximity of the sea carries the weather is very bad. In winter, it is also quite warm (+ 17-25 ° C) and dry (3-7 mm rain per month), which also contributes to rest.

The water temperature in the Dead Sea and Red year round can not be lowered below the level of + 21 ° C.

When it is better to go to Jordan

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