When it is better to go to Greece

The choice of better time to visit Greece directly depends on the region. The most comfortable period is traditionally considered summer (from March or mid-May, depending on the place) until mid-October and even early December. However, even despite the relatively small dimensions, this country has enough pronounced natural-climatic areas, each of which has its own characteristic features.

Northern Macedonia, Northern Epirus, Part of Fessiona and Mountain Areas of Pinda lie in the zone of a moderate mountain climate closely in its characteristics to Alpine. It is better to go here in the summer, when it is quite warm and dry (the Middle Ayulic temperature + 28 ° C at three rainy days per month), but there is no exhausting heat of the south, which allows you to get acquainted with numerous historical monuments of the region. Winter here is relatively cold (in January, air sometimes shakes up to -8 ° C) and wet (9-12 rainy days per month), often strong winds and fogs. In the spring and autumn, the weather is also quite favorable for travel, however, the instability traditional for mountain areas is already beginning to affect, so when planning a trip, this period should be focused more on the testimony of weather informers.

Attica (including the metropolitan region), Central and East Peloponnese, Kiklada, Dodecanese and Crete lie in the zone of a typical Mediterranean climate. Summer here is dry and roast, the temperature in July-August ranges in the area of ​​the mark in + 25-28 ° C, but often rises to + 40-45 ° С. Therefore, there are excellent conditions for a beach holiday, but during this period it is quite difficult to withstand excursions to historical monuments. Also quite uncomfortable in cities, especially in the capital, so getting acquainted with the ancient monuments is better to transfer to May or September-October, when the weather is cooler and tourists less, and the prices are gradually decreasing. In winter, these regions are good for hiking excursions, but already quite uncomfortable for a relaxing rest due to the largest moisture. Yes, and many monuments close for 3-4 months in a row.

Ionian islands are always slightly cooler and wetger than the nearby areas of aspultage, Etolia and Western Peloponnese. From May to the beginning of October, the most comfortable weather conditions are developing here, which makes it possible to recommend this period for almost all types of rest. True and the sea is slightly cooler than in the east, but slightly.

Northeastern Aegean Islands, Chalkidiki and Thassos Island lie in the transition area – here are often as cool winters and drying and hot summer periods. In Thessaloniki, the thermometer is above the mark of + 20 ° C since the end of April to the end of October, although at night the temperature on the elevations can fall to + 14 ° C even in May and September. In winter, it is quite uncomfortable here – + 3-15 ° C from November to March at 12 rainy days a month.

When it is better to go to Greece

Crete is the largest and south of the Greek Islands – also has several climatic areas: the southern coast here is always more roast than North, and the mountain areas are noticeably different on the weather conditions from the coast. For a beach recreation, it is better to go here from the end of May to September, for hiking, as well as dating with historical monuments and cooking – in May and September-October.

Islands Lesbos and Rhodes lie in the Turkish coast, therefore the conditions here are similar. From May to September there is a homogeneous warm weather with a minimum precipitation.

The temperature of the water off the coast of Greece is also quite uneven. The bathing season usually lasts from May to September, however, the western coast of the mainland country has a little colder than in the east. The same picture and in Crete, where in the south is always noticeable warmer than in the north, but the southern bank of this island does not have such a developed tourist infrastructure, like north, and good beaches here a bit. But around a small Greek islands, the water is perfect all summer. It can only be observed about the flow, the character of which in the chaos of archipelagos is very complex, but tourists are rarely closed so far from the coast to make it serious.

When it is better to go to Greece

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