When it is better to go to Gibraltar

Traditionally, spring and later summer (August – September) are considered the best period for visiting Gibraltar (August – September), because at this time not so hot (+ 23-25&# 186; c), as in summer, and not so windy, like in winter. However, by and large at any time of the year, here you can find quite comfortable conditions for recreation, because “Rock” Located in the zone of the warm Mediterranean climate.

When planning a trip, several factors should be considered. Summer here is sunny and quite hot (the average temperature from June to August is held in the area of ​​the mark +24&# 186; with with an average maximum +24&# 186; c), very dry (in July almost never happens to rain), hot winds with Africa and Nagrai Spain. But the decent difference between day and night temperatures can leave the feeling of zyabacity in the evenings. In addition, the seasons of the coast of the peninsula warmers very uneven – the flows of the eastern shores can noticeably lower the temperature, while excellent Water of the Gibraltar Bay Because of the proximity to the port is little suitable for swimming. However, from June to September, water is still warmer +22&# 186; with.

When it is better to go to Gibraltar

In winter, warm enough (the average temperature from December to February is kept near +14&# 186; c) and relatively dry (about 100 mm of precipitation monthly), but regular cyclones from the sea, accompanied by heavy rains, can spoil the weather almost instantly. Northern and southern winds during this period can also noticeably worsen the situation, but the daily temperature gradient is not so large and in the presence of suitable clothes can be traveled quite comfortable. Yes, and prices during this period fall quite significantly.


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