When it is better to go to Denmark

The best time to visit the country – from July (the most dry month of the year) to August, when the average air temperature is + 16-18&# 186; C, and precipitation falls relatively a bit. Also relatively good weather keeps from the end of May to mid-September, when everything is still warm enough, and rains have not yet gained autumn power.

The water temperature in the North Sea is not rising above +16&# 186; c, in the Baltic – no more than +17&# 186; C, so the beach holiday here can only attract true fans. However, Bornholm Island and Archipelago Christiansone (Ertaincholman), lying in the easternistant – in the southwestern part of the Baltic Sea, have their own special microclimate with a little more solar days and warmer water (up to +20&# 186; with in some years).

When it is better to go to Denmark

Winter – the least suitable period for traveling to country. In addition to cloud weather with constant rains (the snow often falls, although the snow cover is practically not formed) negative factor are constant wind from the sea, which blows the country literally through. Even in Christmas holidays, when all the Denmark is literally transformed, a period of storm winds and multi-day rainstorms with snow can happen, so when traveling during this period should be carefully followed by the testimony of weather informers.

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