When it is better to go to Cuba

The tourist season in Cuba officially lasts all year round, because the thermometer’s column here almost never falls below + 18 ° C. However, due to the large length of the island, a variety of relief and quite excellent in nature of the impact of the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, seasonality of rest is clearly observed.

Summer (June-August) costs heat. Moreover, if the average temperature indicators seem to be not impressive – + 24-31 ° C in Havana, + 25-27 ° C in Varadero and + 26-28 ° C in Santiago de Cuba, in practice, air easily warm up to + 34-37 ° C, which in combination with high humidity will like not all. However, it was during this period (after July 10 and at the end of August) a whole series of magnificent festivals and carnavals begins, which attracts a lot of guests here.

In the autumn (September-October) with still quite high air temperature (September in Havana – + 23-31 ° C), the season of hurricanes begins, accompanied by strong storms and shoes with thunderstorms. But at this time, the rates are noticeably falling and it can be recommended to save. But the sea water is very uncomfortable – with a good in general, the temperature (+ 22-24 ° C) it does not shine clean and tranquility.

When it is better to go to Cuba

From December to March, the air temperature is very comfortable – + 26-28 ° C, and the precipitation falls very little (no more than 5 rainy days per month). However, during this period, cold fronts are still frequent, accompanied by strong winds and storms that can delay for 3-4 days. In addition, the daily temperature difference is quite large, so the evenings are very zyabko. However, on the coast of the Caribbean, which our tourists are almost unknown, the weather is much more comfortable and warmer, and the winds are less.

From April to May, sometimes in June, it begins the best time to travel to Cuba. The air temperature is kept in the area + 22-39 ° C, the precipitation is a bit (3-6 rainy days per month) and, oddly enough, there is some decline in the influx of tourists and the rates are slightly declining. The sea is also warm – + 23-26 ° C, especially in the southern shores of the island, and the storm is very rare.

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