When it is better to buy tickets?

When it is better to buy tickets? Question is complicated, but we will try to answer it.

The best time for buying a ticket depends on many factors: airlines, destinations, season and even specific dates.

Flights inside Russia

We compared the prices of several our carriers, among them &# 8220; Aeroflot&# 8221;, &# 8220; Transaero&# 8221;, &# 8220; Utyir&# 8221; and &# 8220; Russia&# 8221;.

Cheapest flights to most destinations were found 2 weeks before departure and more.

Tickets for popular resorts at the height of the tourist season (from May to October), such as Anapa, Sochi, Mineral Waters should buy much earlier, For 6 &# 8211; 10 weeks before departure.

Example with the dynamics of prices for air tickets to Sochi, we considered more details in the article about previously booking air tickets.

For 1.5 &# 8211; 2 months worth buying plane tickets when traveling during the school holidays or long weekends (New Year holidays). The lowest prices for flights during the May holidays should be sought in February &# 8211; beginning of March.

Flights from Russia to Europe

We studied the prices of the most popular European carriers, such as Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Lot, Finn Air, Alitalia, AirBaltic and others. Most airlines are offered Minimum prices when buying a ticket for 7 &# 8211; 12 weeks before departure. Although some directions can be found fairly budget deals 2-3 weeks before departure.

Have airlines such as Air Berlin, Lot, Estonian Air, Iberia, Veulung Tickets need to be purchased even earlier, minimum rates are found for 9-14 weeks before departure.

The same trend with prices is observed on flights within Europe.

Should I buy flights for half a year or year?

When it is better to buy tickets

It depends on the airline and directions. Most inexpensive carriers such as AirBaltic, Air Berlin, MAU offer low prices for booking for 5-6 or more than a month.

The difference, unfortunately, not 40-50%, usually the price is cheaper than 15 percent, compared with prices for 4-9 weeks before departure.

It is worth noting that with very early booking there is a risk of skipping. For example, now air tickets Moscow &# 8211; New York, when buying for half a year before departure, will cost approximately 20,000 rubles in both directions, but if you are planning a trip in winter, then you should wait a bit. In the low airline season often make a business at 15-17,000 rubles for the same tickets.

Unfortunately, to predict whether the sale will be possible or not impossible, we can only assume. But after analyzing the data on the route by which you fly, some conclusions can be made. If your destination is a popular resort and this route flies 1-2 airlines (direct flights or with a short docking), then you can not wait for the rapography.

For half a year and more worth buying tickets only to popular resorts in the separation of the season, as well as during the holidays.

For example, now the optimal time for the purchase of air tickets to New Year’s cannons, especially if you want to visit one of the European capitals during christmas. Have in mind that even now such tickets will not be cheap, and closer to the departure their cost may increase at times.

From July to September, perfect time to purchase tickets for popular ski resorts.

When it is better to buy tickets

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