When it is best to buy tickets for the new year?

Probably you will not open America if I say the earlier, the better. Another question is how rapidly prices are growing, and what directions the demand exceeds the offer.

First, decide where you would like to go. Yes, it is difficult to build plans in advance, we understand. But here one of two either sat down, everyone thought about and uploaded, or by pulling a cat for the tail and overpay at best 60% -70% of the usual cost of the ticket.

The least cost-in price tickets in Russia. In second place Asia (ticket in Vietnam, Thailand or Indonesia will rise in price by an average of 50%). The cost of tickets for Christmas holidays in Europe will take off if not to heaven, it is very close to them; Colorfully decorated Prague, Vienna, Paris and other European capitals as a magnet attract tourists to New Year holidays, from here and the law of supply and demand  Who did not have time, he was late. Or also managed, but he paid very expensive.

Will discounts and sales for New Year’s dates?

Probably, first you need to explain how and when you can ; catch Discount on air ticket.
Airlines arrange promotions and sales to make sure the flight and not drive the plane there – back empty. For example, in January it is difficult to predict how popular flights in October and November will be claimed, so these dates make discounts. Or the airline opens a new direction, and does not know with one hundred percent accuracy, whether it will be in demand (great competition, convenient or not very schedule, passenger loyalty Everything plays a role).
Actually, you do not need to be a seller to understand: Sale Great way to attract customers.

What happens in christmas and New Year holidays?
Yes, it is almost the only time in a year, when everyone immediately and at the same time you need to fly somewhere. And each airline can be sure  The aircraft will fly away for a string. Full Boarding, Ladies and Lord.
Is it worth saying that prices for this period do not just do not become lower, but on the contrary, they grow one and a half or twice, and it is at best. Therefore, you should not wait for the sale in December. They will not be.

When it is best to buy tickets for the new year

What to do if it is already December, and you still have no ticket?

  • Choose short flights, they are more expensive not as much as the far-haul. In any case, overpare, but not exactly 2 times.
  • Rider departure and arrival dates. It is possible to take additional 2 days of vacation or outdoor at work and fly out on December 30-31, and 27-28, or it is not clear to the end of the weekend, but a couple of days later ; The difference in the cost of tickets will be significant.
  • Track prices. If you see a tendency to increase  Honey is not worth it. Today a ticket went up by 5%, and tomorrow it can be for all 20%. The closer to the departure, the more expensive and the less chance of flying out somewhere.

And the main thing Do not be discouraged if it was not possible to purchase tickets at an acceptable price for you. Spend the New Year holidays at home, take the holidays later and fly to relax, for example, in February. Tickets and hotels will cost much cheaper, you can stay alone on the beach, and the table in the restaurant will not need to book a day before dinner.


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