When is it better to go to Peter?

During this period, at the end of June – early July, in St. Petersburg almost the clock day reigns, and one can make an extensive entertainment program, the benefit of nightclubs, restaurants and bars for every taste in our northern capital, like day entertainment – Amusement, theaters, water parks.

However, it should be borne in mind: in the peak of white nights in St. Petersburg, another seasonal phenomenon is observed: the prices of accommodation in hotels, hostels and even in the private sector are sharply increasing. Railway tickets for travel to Saint Petersburg «Behind white nights» It is better to buy in advance, and even better at that moment, when 45 days left before leaving (it was not possible). The fact is that even 43 days before the date of arrival Tickets are sold out.

If in the summer in St. Petersburg a very long day, then in winter, respectively, very long night. However, ascending to Soviet times, the tradition of conducting winter school and student holidays in North Palmir is preserved, moreover, the flow «vacation tourists» Each year increases. This is understandable: Summer holidays are better spent on the warm seas or in the mountains, and in the winter excursions in St. Petersburg allow schoolchildren and students to add to the summer impressions of nature and aesthetic pleasure from famous St. Petersburg museums, art galleries and architectural monuments. But the weather factor should be taken into account: the temperature in St. Petersburg in the winter is often lowered below -30s, and the perixing wind from the Finnish bay can not only spoil the mood, but also cause a serious cold.

When is it better to go to Peter

There are many different holidays in our northern capital, it is a good reason for traveling to St. Petersburg. Salutes and fireworks, various regatta on the Neva, free concerts of famous artists, among whom a lot of real stars, on the Arrow of the Vasilyevsky Island and on the Palace Square – All this is usually timed to the Victory Day, the Day of the Navy, and the popular festival «Scarlet Sails» – to graduation balls in St. Petersburg schools.

Publics at such events are going to a lot, so it is recommended to find out the time and place of their holding in advance to come early and occupy comfortable places.

When is it better to go to Peter

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