When Harry met sauce

Do not pass by apple cake, which only because of the employment did not give proper Dr. Watson. Do not repeat the errors with snails after the heroine of "Beauty". Forget about the diet in the beloved Confectionery Carrie Bradshow and give tribute to the burgers who prepared in Donnie Broko "Johnny Depp. But in no case do not make an offer of hand and hearts in the Sicilian Vitteli Bar.

London, Gauer Street, 187

When Harry met sauce


Establishment next to the apartment of the most fashionable today Sherlock Holmes (understandable, Cumberbatch), that is, such a eatery in the area. From to market a new Holmes in the classic address of Baker Street, 221b, the creators of the series, fastening the heart, refused: the official residence has long turned into a tanned by souvenir shops Tourist Mecca. Less Suit Gower Street in Camden approached more: in the parade by agreement with tenants, the black oak door was hung with an authentic Baker-Striteov number. Holmes in the series repeatedly passes by located in two steps of the cafe, but to joke there on the plot while only Watson and the brother of the Maikroftu Deether (Episode "Scandal in Belgravia"). Both were not up to meal, including the main hit of local cuisine is apple pie with custard. From other dishes – soups, pizza, sandwiches. The hosts were decorated with the interior of Holmovskaya symbolism, but it’s nice on their part, the prices do not too much. The same cake stands humane on London standards £ 3 for a decent portion. Works Speedy’s in the morning to half the fourth day. There are many people, however, the waiters are terminated.

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