When everything adds: Top Compact Trips

Forced before each journey to arrange the shaman dances above the suitcase so that everything is closed there? Understand. The desire to take with you even that years have not been used, very tempting. And what if there is only manual laying or limited place in the car? After all, those who have enough small backpack on the trip, also want a comfortable trip. Below we will tell about folding things for which there is always a place in the suitcase. Even small.


Great thing for hiking or those who just like to stroll through the old town with a hot drink (or with Coffee in Irish). SMASH CUP Foldable Thermo Crop in Folded Pattern Reminds Pudren. It is from silicone and with a dense valve, so nothing will be shed out of it, you can safely put in the bag.

Cardboard chair

Don’t love to stand for a long time? Sitty! And the fact that carrying a chair is hard with you. Here is a cardboard folding box that will endure the ass up to 200 kg! The only thing you can not get up. For a picnic or queue in Vatican museums – it is better not to find option.

Batteries Fit in Battery

Easy movement of the hand, the finger battery turns into the mismatch. The fact is that the batteries in the middle there is a harmonica (like a bus or tram, yes). Due to this, it stretches and narrows to the desired size. Not all devices work on batteries, so keep such batteries with you.


The usual inflatable cushion under the neck evolved and reflected the hood. Single accessory for total introverts. The pillow was put on, the hood on the eyes was thrown and sleep quietly.


Oh, on the one hand, this is a dangerous thing, on the other – very necessary. Dangerous because you can get used and not to get out of such a combination. He is so cozy and warm! And the necessary, because it is convenient to move in the campaign in it, but I wanted to rest – fell in place and fell asleep.

Folding slippers

Then the feeling when slippers ended in the hostel and have to go to the shoes. Fue! Get better folding slippers from China, you can even walk in the train!

Pressed towel

When everything adds top compact travel things

Not all hostels have free towels. Whether to carry? Not at all. Take a pressed towel. In size, such a thing is not more than the egg or the same powder, but in the normal form of the medium size of a towel! Just add water to reach the desired size. Stretch in the soul is enough. In addition, it is not necessary to wait when it dries – take at least 10 such towels, they are still disposable.

Folding sticks for walking

Merifying Scandinavian walking? Capture with you folding sticks. In folded form, they are very compact – approximately 60 cm. Let’s fill in a marching backpack or can be fixed on belts outside. Any better than to wear in your hands, putting the knees of surrounding people.

Blanket Matador Pocket Blanket

Never know where life will be thrown away, so it is important to have a blanket with you. Matador Pocket Blanket can be used on a picnic as a plaid or directly intended. It is waterproof and durable, and most importantly, foldedly placed in his pocket. Feel a giant.

Shower Pocket Shower

This pocket souls will appreciate the hiking and dackets. Everything is simple: unpack the bag, pour water, hang it on the tree and wash. The bag holds 10 liters of water, has a crane with an adjustment of the pressure, placed in a fist and weighs grammulk.

When everything adds top compact travel things

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