When charters fly to Turkey?

Turkey again appeared in the proposals of our tour operators. But the price of tours strongly depends on prices for regular flights «Aeroflot», His subsidiary airline «Russia» And Turkish Airlines. These prices are rather big, and the return of charters from travel agencies is still only plans.

On June 30, the presidential decree was published, relieving the ban on the sale of tourputhers to Turkey. The same document removes restrictions on the organization of charter transportation on Turkish areas. All the orders of Rosaviatsia are waiting for.

Turkey on regular flights – What is it?

Leading our tour operators did not wait for the orders of Rosaviatsiya and have already formed offers for rest in Turkey. The first to returned Turkey to the range of TEZ Tour programs, «Pegas Touristik» and «Anteks Tours». With one «Little» Nuance – Flights are carried out by regular flights. For example, «Pegas Touristik» Tourists by airplanes Turkish Airlines on the route Moscow – Antalya. Tour operator Freighting the entire flight twice a week and breaks blocks daily. So explained the policy of its general director Anna Podgorny.

Tez Tour, in turn, «Chobbed» Flights «Aeroflot». As Alexander Burtin’s commercial director told, three do not buy blocks, and take tickets from free sale. Deficit, according to him, is not yet observed.

«Anteks Tours» Flying by airplanes with Azur AIR airlines. July 7 is the first departure to Turkey from St. Petersburg. Then the tour operator plans to establish flights to Antalya from Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and Moscow. Flying will be aircraft Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 767-300 with different frequency.

Other tour operators also plan to open a Turkish direction, and now many of them conduct approval of programs. So, «Biblio Globus», Perhaps the airline will choose «Russia» To organize flights; TUI will tell about their plans in the coming days; COAL TRAVEL so far did not comment on the possibility of opening Turkey.

Without charters Turkey dear

When charters fly to Turkey

Lack of charter transportation and forced need to work only with regular flights significantly affects the cost of tours, and not at least. So, TEZ Tour The price of the tour starts with 96 thousand. rubles for 7 nights for two. W «Anteks Tours» – at least 679 US dollars, «Pegasa» The price of tours starts from 70-80 thousand. rubles for two per week of rest, and then such a price still need to search. Travel agencies themselves agree that compared to the new year such a situation, to put it mildly, is unusual, but so far it does not have to choose. Everyone is counting on the resolution of Rosaviation for charter transportation, but it is not yet.

«As soon as there is permission to charters, all organize – Find airplanes, find slots in airports and other – It will take about a week», – explains Anna Podgorny, CEO «Pegas Touristik». Unanimous with her in opinion and Alexander Burtin (Tez Tour). According to him, at the moment there are no unnecessary sides, but if desired, the necessary containers can be found. Burtin also said that his companies are ready to consolidate with other tour operators, and at the moment negotiations are underway.

Turkey «Opened» At the peak of the high season, when all loose aircraft «Abandoned» On all sorts of areas, and the tourists themselves have already decided on the rest. Charters, however, in Turkey will sooner or later will be organized, although, of course, in a much smaller volume than last year, before cooling our-Turkish relations. According to tour operators, the demand for Turkey is present. Some travel agencies are already carrying out a reservation, others only lead to consultations.

With all this, the tour operators claim that charters in Turkey will not be organized to the detriment of other areas. «Already redeemed places in hotels, aircraft tickets. Put the Turkish charters to the detriment of other programs no one will», – reported B «Pegas Touristik». Other companies are going to work on the same principle.

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