When best book hotels and air tickets

Buy air tickets to Prague at the maximum discount (49%) can be 7 months before the date of departure. If you are going to go to New York, it is best booking the air tickets for 2 months to the wrong date, to Thailand – for 3 months, and in Bangkok – For 5 months. These data were reported by the search and booking service experts and booking Biletyplus.Ru.

They also identified the best time to book hotels in the destinations that will be most popular among ours in 2017. In such cities of Europe, like Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon, Paris, Rome, better reserve hotels 1-2 months before a trip. In Budapest it is better to do in 4 months, in Munich – For 5 months. Room in Dubai or Phuket will cost you the cheapest, if you book it 8-9 months before the trip, and in Bangkok – Already in 11 months.

In addition, now there are many portals and sites that will be offered independent tourists the most profitable dates for the purchase of tickets. Services compare cheap tickets and choose optimal conditions.

You can make this conclusion: timely reservation at peak time will be able to save 60-70% travelers from the cost of the ticket compared to the purchase at the last moment. According to the BileTyplus portal, the prices of flights on foreign and domestic destinations on the May holidays and the summer months are increasing dramatically. The reason, of course, in high demand. Therefore, planning a trip to Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, UAE, Montenegro, Georgia or Cyprus, it is best to purchase tickets in early March.

When best book hotels and air tickets

According to experts, optimal time for booking air tickets to Europe – 7.5 months before the departure date. Going to seaside resorts, it is best to buy tickets 2.5-3 months before your holiday.

Experts gave several other useful recommendations. First, the cheapest flights to Russia – November and February. Secondly, if you adjust the rest time under «Low season», You can save. Thirdly, it is not necessary to purchase air tickets a month before the trip: 5 weeks before the date of departure, the price of them sharply increases. Fourthly, it is better to follow the price dynamics, so as not to miss the most profitable option.

Those who have not chosen the direction for travel, experts recommend using the function «Search everywhere»: so you will learn where and what time you can fly inexpensively.

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