When and how the new year celebrates in Thailand?

One of the most popular resorts of the world today is Thailand.

This amazing and unusual country attracts many tourists not only with beautiful nature, warm and soft climatic conditions and an unusually affectionate sea.

Every year, Thailand opens its doors before tourists, the number of which is inexorable increasing. All because the wonderful customs and traditions of this striking country are of great interest.

It was during this period that many discerning tourists awaken a special desire to escape from the boning cold and the mulosis, from such a "banal" already salad "Olivier" and, finally, to plunge into the exotic world of Thais:

  • soak under the rays of gentle sun;
  • splash in warm ocean waters and make long swims;
  • sow on hot sand under empty palm trees;
  • admire the wonderful kinds of extraordinary flora and fauna;
  • Test peculiar masterpieces of national cuisine.

Prices for tours and vouchers at this time are usually falling, and tickets are becoming cheap.

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How to celebrate New Year in Thailand?

Thai – the special people and the celebration of the new year they have a special.

They are found three times.

Although Thais and meet the traditional new year as well as other European peoples – in their family, for them this holiday is rather not a family, but public.

Preparing for the meeting of the traditional New Year, they are with full responsibility and thorough.

The main difference of their celebration is as follows:

  • a few days before the new year All residents go to the Buddhist temple, where special pre-New Year prayers are read. They read their monks, and prayers even have a name – Hulala;
  • together with reading prayers Birds and fish are produced on the will.

And the rest of them everything passes exactly as other peoples:

  • Decoration of residential buildings with sparkling garlands and multi-colored balls;
  • gift gifts close and relatives;
  • preparation of a festive fragrant dinner;
  • Organization and holding of New Year’s shows and events.

Exactly at 12 o’clock in the night of Thais, sitting at a round family table, congratulate each other with the coming new year, and after the celebration, the whole people go to the temple.

A little about Thailand

Thais – the people are loving, very hospitable, so they try to take each tourist to each tourist and with great respect.

Each tourist for them is a respected guest and meet him with a rainbow and good-natured smile – these are their paramount task.

Another distinctive feature of the Thai people is:

  • politeness;
  • smile;
  • Removing centuries-old customs.

Any holiday for them is:

  • time for fun;
  • the ability to give each other with radiant smiles and a good mood;
  • Chance to enable the joy and mass of positive emotions.

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When and how the new year celebrates in Thailand

When celebrate New Year in Thailand?

As mentioned above, Thais, unlike other countries, celebrate the New Year three times:

  1. Traditional new year, which is celebrated on the night of December 31 on January 1. The weather for the our tourist will be unusual for this time of year &# 8212; On average +30
  2. Chinese New Year – a holiday that can be marked by local residents every year at a completely different time. This day can fall out for any number in January or February.
  3. Songkran – Traditional National New Year for the inhabitants of Thailand. He is celebrated on April 13.

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Chinese New Year in Thailand

In Thailand, the Chinese New Year is celebrated annually, only the date of the celebration is non-permanent and this, first of all, depends on the Phase of the Moon.

Before this holiday comes, Thais has accepted all the houses and streets with red lanterns that are made of paper.

In the midst of the holiday, namely on New Year’s Eve, on the streets of Bangkok in the Chinatown district, you can meet the figures of snakes, dragons or lions.

On the street stretching huge sizes fabulous dragon bright red. He is carried by people, dressed in a wide variety of bright, sharply stuck in the eyes, costumes.

The delight is added also from the fact that all this is accompanied by loud music, salutes and blasts Petard.

And for Thais, this is not just a procession with fabulous characters, from which it is simply impossible to take eye.

However, this celebration of the Chinese New Year does not end.

Three days after that, people continue to celebrate this holiday. Go to visit each other, give up gifts, from which to refuse is bad sign.

You can observe this action in Pattaya &# 8212; a kind of entertainment capital of Thailand.

Thai New Year

Your national holiday called Songkran Thais celebrate April 13.

Before celebrating Thais necessarily:

  • spend in their home general cleaning;
  • Each out of the house, everything they do not use and what has accumulated unnecessary for the whole year;
  • Preparing the most delicious festive dishes.

Thais on this day is customary to go to the temple and attach donations, and this is:

  • cooked dishes;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • New Roman.

That is what day people:

  • tormented diligently;
  • Multiple religious rituals are carried out;
  • ask the Most High to give them health, happiness and well-being.

Among the common customs of the Thai people during the celebration of the Thai New Year, it is considered:

  • pouring each other with water on the streets;
  • Talc’s flaws.

Thai New Year – very peculiar and unusual vacation. Everyone who at least once will see his celebration, will not forget this beautiful spectacle.

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Exotic travels and unforgettable impressions

Tourists who come to this country with its extraordinary residents can count on the following:

  • Comfortable service;
  • immaculate attitude of local;
  • goodwill and respect for his person;
  • Unforgettable days in a paradise corner.

It is known that many tourists prefer to go for the summer or New Year holidays in Thailand due to the respectful attitude of local to visitors.

Luxurious Beaches Patton, Phuket or Samui – this is not the only thing that this magic country can be proud of.

Incompractive delight cause:

  • Buddhist monasteries and temples;
  • majestic beauty Palaces and Pagoda;
  • Unforgettable evening performances and entertainment shows;
  • Non-wellness Thai massage;
  • School of Martial Arts.

Impressions for the whole life leave:

  • riding on elephants;
  • Floating bazers;
  • Majestic Beauty of the Islands of the Andaman Sea.

As for excursions that Thailand can offer, then here you can see and visit places that can leave only the most indelible impressions and a lot of positive emotions in the shower.

Such as:

  1. Farm crocodiles or snake, where there is an excellent opportunity to watch the skillful trainer, cutely accustomed to his snakes;
  2. Monkey Island or Elephant Village. With a big desire, you can even try yourself as an elephant rider.
  3. National Parks and Zoos, where you can get great pleasure from just one gaze on exotic plants, numerous gorgeous gardens. Walking on these attractive places can be a lacaround to see the parrots flying over the head of various colors, and the butterfly fluttering,.
  4. Bays and bays. One of the most famous bays is the Bay of Phang Nga.

New Year’s Eve – in a restaurant or on the beach?

Thailand is a country that can offer even the most demanding tourist to notice the fact that in any case only positive impressions and reviews will leave.

One of the advantages of the Thai people is their national cuisine.

You can try her taste, visiting Bars, cafes or restaurants located in Thailand.

Having visited such entertainment institutions:

  • Widow to enjoy exquisite dishes;
  • enjoy the excellent atmosphere present here;
  • Listen or even dance under incendiary and invigorating music.

A visit to any institution guarantees the vigor of the spirit and a wonderful mood.

New Year holidays can be well held on Thai beaches, where there are also entertainment places, including night discos with entertainment programs and fiery shows.

When and how the new year celebrates in Thailand

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