When a taxi driver – photographer

In 1980, the photographer Ryan Weideman graduated with honors from the California College of Arts and went to conquer New York. For the apartment he removed, it was necessary to pay, food, even the most inexpensive, cost money. And the minister of art became a taxi driver. 20 years he sat daily behind the wheel and went to search for bright, charismatic passengers. So the photoproject of My Taxi appeared, which stretched in the end for two decades.

Ryan went to work at 17 o’clock and ended at 4 am. Who over the years he just did not meet! Among the clients of Weideman – Desperate girls and guys, all sorts of fries and celebrities. The founder of the bitterness poet Allen Ginzberg, whom Ryan somehow brought, having learned about the second profession of the taxi driver, compared the back seat of a car with a human zoo, and Ryan himself called the "taxi dermist".

When a taxi driver - photographer

Some works of Ryan Weideman are stored in the Brooklyn Museum, and the photo collection has already survived several reprints. We show some of them.

No less interesting photo project about the hot weekdays of Indian taxi drivers – see reference. And about the features of a taxi in different countries, read our thematic review. He will tell you in which country there is a discount for lonely women, in which countries you will not be allowed to sit in the front seat and where the passenger can go with you, which you did not wait at all.

When a taxi driver - photographer

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