What you need to visit in Dubai?

In recent years, Dubai has turned into one of the most visited tourist points on the entire planet. Increasingly on the scale of the scale of the once deserted terrain turned into an oasis of modern architecture, striking not only by its greatness and high technologies, but also a variety that did not meet in any country in the world. This city annually attracts millions of tourists every year, so if you have a visa to the Emirates on your hands, you definitely need to visit the main sights of this city.

Dubai Mall

Imagine a mixture of Disneyland and a huge bazaar of Eastern type that are huge on the territory of a huge MOLL. Everyone who has on the hands of a visa to Dubai will definitely visit this institution not only for the sake of shopping, but to look at the city from the observation deck, located on the 163 floor of the skyscraper. Dubai Mall affects its scale and opportunities, so today is not just one of the largest trading points in the city, but also the most visited attraction in the world. In addition, the internal feature of Molla is a huge scale of the scale, which is not only introduced into the Guinness Book of Records, but can surprise the variety of its marine inhabitants.

Skyscraper Burj Khalifa

What you need to visit in Dubai

In total, one hundred meters from Dubai Mall is located another landmark of the city – the Skyscraper of Burj Khalifa, which in the people nicknamed the new Babylonian tower. Its height is 828 meters, so the view from sightsets is simply capturing the spirit. Also, visitors are striking the decoration and wealth of architecture, which will not compare with any structure of the world, and all sorts of restaurants and nightclubs will scream leisure of any visitor.

Singing fountain

In Dubai, there is the most expensive and large-scale fountain in the world, so each visitor of this city can admire them completely free. Fountain fascinates his light show, during which he performs unusual dancing for famous compositions. The evening performance collects a huge crowd of spectators, since such a spectacle can be seen and experienced only in one place on the planet – in Dubai, where extraordinary surprises are waiting for tourists at every turn.

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