What you need to try in China

It is no secret that the true taste of dishes can be found only being in the country where they appeared, and not trying them in our restaurants. So, what are the traditional and at the same time not quite unusual for our stomach dishes can be tried in China?

One of the most popular and affordable dishes here, which is usually eaten for breakfast – rice balls. As a rule, they are stuffed with pickled vegetables and pork, but now the balls with a filling of eggs and ham are widespread. There are rice balls best hot. Other Popular Dish – Dumplings. And although the name sounds familiar to ours, the taste of Chinese dumplings is completely different. Interestingly, dumplings are considered almost street food, they can be tasted not only in the cafe, but also on street trays. Just literally on every corner and vegetarian pancakes are sold with the addition of green onions, which gives them a greenish color.

What you need to try in China

If you want not just to have a snack, but dinner tightly, you can order in a cafe chicken in Chinese. To prepare in a frying pan, the wok well roasted chicken fillets with the addition of garlic, pepper and ginger, after which the chicken sprinkles sesame and a mixture of several types of spices. Fans of more exotic combinations of products can try tofu soup. In addition, tofu includes algae, pickled radish and soy sauce.

And for a snack you can take crab or bean pie. In the crab pies are added or acute, or sweetly filling and baked in a clay oven. Bean cakes usually have a small size and sweetish taste.

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