What you need to see Jordan?

In Jordan tourists entails a new miracle of light, holy biblical places, unique historical monuments and natural reserves, as well as beans, reefs, safaris, parachutes and other local woundings…

Opening any geographical reference book, you will learn that about 90% of Jordan Square – deserts and semi-deserts. And at the same time, it is Jordan in the number of unique attractions – one of the most interesting countries on the planet!

Start your trip from the Dead Sea. This is the lowest point of the Earth and in all senses a unique place. The purest air of the salt sea-lake relaxes and calms down: just a few hours on the coast will give you a feeling of harmony and comfort. Summer here is always hot, but the sun is affectionate and caring, because the zone of the Dead Sea – This is a kind of umbrella that protects against malicious ultraviolet.

8 kilometers from the Dead Sea, on the banks of the river Jordan, on biblical legend, Christ took the baptism from John the Forerunner. Every year, thousands of believers from all over the world are visited annually. It is here, on earth, given by Russia, His Majesty King Abdalla II, a stable house for pilgrims has been built.

The most famous landmark of Jordan is definitely one of the recognized wonders of the world – the city of Peter. Even in ancient times, he was called unique and mysterious. Nowadays, Peter visits about half a million people annually: Join them.

What you need to see Jordan Tour Profit Guide

Do not miss the pearl of the Middle East – Gerash, where bright shows are held with races and battles of gladiators on the old Ancient Roman hippodrome. This place is also a miracle, since this is the only Ancient Roman city outside Italy, who almost did not suffer from the flow of time.

Moving further south, you will fall into the kingdom of diving and marine entertainment – Aqaba. This is the Southern Tourist Resort of Jordan, located on the Red Sea coast, in 4 hours from Amman Airport.

Hospitality is offered Ajlun, Wadi Ram, Gadar, Karak, Madaba, Pella and other famous Jordanian sights, as well as resorts with premium hotels and hospitable staff, which is increasingly talking in our native language – our.

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