What you need to know when traveling to Sri Lanka &# 8211; Tips for tourists

The image of a cheerful and romantic country attracts a huge number of tourists every year. Today you can find a considerable number of travel agencies that will help to organize a trip to Sri Lanka. For example, you can get acquainted with the list of ads in your city and find a suitable agency there. In addition, there are also special sites that will help find not only travel agencies, but also various tours. Quite often, the reason for the trip to this country is its amazing animal world, beautiful nature, unique culture and, of course, delicious food. However, some tourists may encounter some features of this country, which they did not even guesses. Therefore, before going to Sri Lanka, you must carefully prepare.

Weather in Sri Lanka for months &# 8211; When to go?

First you need to familiarize yourself with the climate of this country. It is worth saying that air humidity there may be more than 80%. At the same time on the street a very high temperature. Therefore, the combination of high temperature and high humidity creates a certain sauna effect. Seasons of relaxation on Sri Lanka are only two:

  • High or comfortable season &# 8211; The period from November to April, ideally suitable for beach holidays, the humidity decreases, rains are rarely, and the thermometer’s column stably shows +30 degrees. There is no threat of shower and hurricanes, it is convenient to carry out excursions.
  • Rain season &# 8211; Starts in May and lasts until the end of October. In fact, you can rest at this time in Sri Lanka, but only in separate places &# 8211; Eastern and northeastern resorts, and in the south-west often storms. Temperature is just as high as in winter, but the humidity is also rising. Autumn choose diving lovers.

It is best to go to Sri Lanka in winter and in the first half of spring &# 8211; Popular travel on Christmas holidays. This is an excellent way to celebrate the New Year in an exotic country, without rushing into the jacket from frost and drinking Olivier, but enjoying the purest beaches, affectionate sun and fresh fruits, torn straight from the trees.

Tips for tourists &# 8211; how to dress on Sri Lanka?

Because of a hot and very humid climate on a trip to Sri Lanka, you need to take such clothes, which is made only from natural material. Any other clothes simply will not allow you to stay outside for a long time. Locals walk in silk or cotton clothes. Therefore, when visiting this country, you can follow their example. You also need to be prepared for the fact that wet towels and clothes will dry for a very long time. Therefore, it is desirable to dry your belongings right in the hotel room. Sunbathing lovers also need to be very careful because sometimes a person can get burns even when it is in the shade.

Another observation &# 8211; Many tourists love to walk around the local narrow streets. Often, legs can not lead a person for new impressions. Therefore, it is worth thinking about comfortable shoes for travel. The traditional lancents shrugs are slippers and sandals. However, for tourists, this shoes are definitely not suitable. This is due to the fact that some local streets are very dirty. Therefore, many tourists prefer to shore shoes or sneakers. However, if you do not disgust mud, you can try to walk in slippers.

What you need to know when traveling to Sri Lanka; Tips for tourists

7 Effective Tips for Tourists in Sri Lanka

Tourists who want to go to Sri Lanka for the first time i’m even envy &# 8211; You can get the first, a special impression, perhaps even fall in love with these edges, as it was happening to me. However, Southeast Asia &# 8211; The territory is exotic, and orders here are very different from Russia, and from the CIS, and from Europe, so when planning travel, I advise you to pay attention to several useful advice:

  • If in other countries it is not worth changing the currency at airports because of the unfavorable course, then in Sri Lanka, the situation is reverse &# 8211; At Colombo Airport an attractive exchange rate;
  • buy Exotic fruits Best in the markets, so, in Colombo, the largest bazaar with affordable prices, in hotels the exotic is almost not served, the assortment is meager;
  • On Sri Lanka, it is forbidden to enter the temples in the shoes, so go to the socks or bugs to feel comfortable;
  • In popular tourist destinations always Many arrogant monkeys &# 8211; Refuse bright accessories and expensive jewelry, otherwise risk being risked;
  • Want to go for tea plantations? Do not forget to take a jacket with you, when lifting in the mountain, the air temperature drops below +15 degrees;
  • Sri Lanka municipal beaches, There are always many merchants here and there are no sun beds, but hotels have a private territory where the access is closed &# 8211; Ideal for those who are accustomed to comfort;
  • tourists are offered a symbolic Wedding ceremony in hotels &# 8211; The cost of about 1.5 thousand. dollars if you want an official celebration &# 8211; We will have to collect the entire package of documents to the appointed date.

Also remember that the tourist infrastructure is not developed everywhere well &# 8211; In many resorts, restaurants and cafes are small, so eat better directly at the hotel.

What to bring from Sri Lanka &# 8211; advice

Visit Sri Lanka and do nothing to bring home &# 8211; It seems impossible. Tourists drag from airports whole suitcases of the necessary and unnecessary things, so I decided to separately tell what purchases should be done to make it really something cool. So, on Sri Lanka must be purchased:

  • Traditional tea &# 8211; worth 150 rupees for 200 gr., Maximum on the removal &# 8211; 6 kg.;
  • beverages &# 8211; Coconut arch and red rum &# 8220; Calypso&# 8221 ;, prices &# 8211; from 1000 rupees;
  • Cashew nuts &# 8211; All year round are sold, about 100 rupees for 100 gr.;
  • Local spices &# 8211; It is better to buy in the market and in supermarkets, there are less than a dollar for 100 gr.;
  • Cosmetics Ayurveda &# 8211; Buy in the state. pharmacies, not in specialized shops, prices are more affordable.

You can also bring a variety of fabrics, elephant statuettes from valuable wood, decoration of subsothous stones, as well as other souvenirs.

Holidays in Sri Lanka is impressed by exotic &# 8211; Here they go beyond the purest beaches, hot days, wildlife and unique attractions. That the journey passed the way you want, be prudent &# 8211; comply with the established norms of behavior and decency in public places, and especially &# 8211; In the temples. Then no problems will not be, locals &# 8211; People are friendly.

What you need to know when traveling to Sri Lanka; Tips for tourists

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