What you need to know tourists going to Laos

Picturesque mountain landscapes, endless tropical forests, ancient architectural monuments and rich cultural traditions attract thousands of tourists from around the world in Laos.
In addition, today the tourist industry of Laos is still at the initial stage of development, so travelers have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and color of the country, not spoiled by mass tourism.

How to get to Laos

At the moment there is no direct flight between Russia and Laos. ours will have to fly to Laos connecting flights with a transfer in Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City. It should be noted that the citizens of Russia, whose stay in Laos does not exceed 15 days, is not required to make an entry visa.

  • Customs regulations

Laos tourists have the right to import unlimited amounts of currency funds to the territory of the country, but all amounts exceeding $ 2 thousand are subject to mandatory declaration. At the same time imported or exporting Lao national currency prohibited. Tourists traveling on Laos should also remember that to export any images of Buddha from the country, with the exception of souvenir products, strictly prohibited.

Climatic conditions

The country’s subexvatory monsonic climate prevails on the territory of the country. In January, the average air temperature ranges from 15 to 23 ° C, in July – from 28 to 30 ° C. In Laos, can be divided into 3 bright pronounced seasons: dry cool (November, December and January), hot dry (February, March and April) and hot wet (May to October).

The temperature of the air largely depends on the relief. In particular, at the end of March &# 8211; early April The air temperature in the Mekong valley can warm up to 38 ° C, while on the slopes of the nearby mountains, the thermometer is not clinked above 22 ° C.

It is believed that it is best to travel on Laos from the end of autumn to the end of winter.

Security of tourists

Despite the poverty of the population and long war, Laos is a fairly safe country, where the level of violent crime and theft remains at a low level.

    What you need to know tourists going to Laos
  • Precautionary Precautions

However, travelers are advised to comply with reasonable precautions. In particular, entering the city, you should not take with you all cash, jewelry and documents. All valuable things, as well as a passport must be left in the hotel’s safe, and with you wearing a photocopy of the document.

Almost all the territory of the country is safe for tourists. The exception is only a plot that is running the military &# 8211; Special Zone Sisysbun, located in the immediate vicinity of Cambodian border near the Rut-7 highway.

  • Dangerous areas for tourists

In addition, it should be borne in mind that in a number of areas of Laos after the second Indochinese war remain unlisted significant areas, so traveling on these places without escorting experienced local conductors is dangerous to life.

Before traveling to Laos, tourists are recommended to undergo vaccination against malaria. As in other Asian and African countries, being in Laos, tourists should consume exclusively bottled water, and the food acquired from local sellers will be thoroughly treating.

There are many decent hotels in the country, the cost of living in which is quite democratic. However, it is impossible to find information about most Lao hotels in the Internet.

National cuisine

The basis of the cuisine of Laos is rice, as well as all sorts of sauces and spices. Lao chefs when cooking dishes use many vegetables and greenery. Fish and meat are traditionally fried on oil or baked on coals.

Shopping in Laos

In small shops and in the markets, you can purchase various craft crafts, furniture and fabrics, as well as various decorations. It must be remembered that buying goods in such places, it is customary to bargain, and not to pay the price, originally stated by the seller.

What you need to know tourists going to Laos

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